Vroom Vroom, Johnnie Walker Circuit Night!

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Hey guys! I just got back from Singapore! But before I do a blog post on that, I must share about an event happening this Friday night!

Take note, guys and babes, on this Friday (4th October), at The Butter Factory, KL, Johnnie Walker will present a brand new club series – The Circuit Nights!
Ohhh, I can’t wait to try their new cocktail called the Circuit Night! I’ve never been to a Johnnie Walker event, this would be my very first one. Are you as excited as I am?? 😀

In conjunction of the Korean Grand Prix 2013 this coming weekend, your DJ for the night would be DJ DD Lee from Korea! She’ll definitely create a Korean night life atmosphere within Butter Factory. She doesn’t have a public page on Facebook but you could check out her stuff on Soundcloud! (:

So how do you earn exclusive tickets to the first event of this sophisticated club series by Johnnie Walker?
One way is to purchase their bottles (Picture above), or you could check out their facebook page for new updates on how to get these tickets. It’s that simple!

Do keep this in mind though, as much as we all enjoy partying once in a while, do remember to stay safe and don’t ever, EVER drink and drive.

Johnnie Walker Malaysia

It’s Hennessy Night! @ The Butter Factory

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I’m watching Tomorrowland TV Live on Youtube while writing this . It’s keeping me motivated to write about my night at The Butter Factory last Thursday night. Heee . Great way to start my Saturday morning! ^^

This is Yumi! She picked me up and sent me home that night. Many, many thanks to her! Check out her blog right here!

With a few of the other girl bloggers.

Oh! And congratulations to Yukiko and Nathaniel once again! Have you guys seen their pre-wedding photographs?? NO??? OMG, go check it out at Yuki’s blog !!!

Guess who came to join me at the party! Szen Cheam ♥

Szen Cheam, Jon Yip and I .

Many thanks to Donovan Chan of Manoah Consultancy for giving me such opportunities to join events like these! (: (I wasn’t ready for this photograph but it was the only one with Don and the other girls, ITS OK)

Look at what Zana is wearing!!! I felt a lil’ awkward cause I was just staring at her when she arrived, it made me look like I’m a jealous stalker or some shit . LOL, doesn’t matter. She’s so gorgeous, meant to be looked at. (;

I left early that night though, I missed out on Dj Ellie .

Many thanks to Jaz Khai for the photographs.

Till the next update! Ciao!

20 Pairs of Hennessy Night Party Tickets To Be Won!

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Guess what’s happening this Thursday night at The Butter Factory! I’m gonna be rooting for my friend, MC M.I.O , guys, you’ve got to check him out! Not to mention, he’s an eye candy for the babes! (And vice versa, tsk.)

DJ Ellie from Taiwan would be performing that night, I can’t wait!

She’s pretty eh, boys? (;

Well, it’s rather simple to win those tickets. Really, really easy. Just download the My Hennessy app in the Apple Store or PlayStore for android users.

This is how the app looks like in the store. Don’t download the wrong app! (;

Of course, don’t just leave your app in your phone.. Open it and register and stand a chance to win the tickets for Hennessy Night Party ! 😀


This is how the app looks like after you registered. The fun part of the app is the Challenges.
Tsk, I see Joanna, Aris and Karmun on the picture for one of the challenges!! 😛

Oh, and I love how they included important numbers too (It’s under the MORE button) such as cab numbers, club and bar numbers and hotel numbers!

Don’t underestimate the camera function too. It’s not just a camera, it’s to complete certain challenges for points as well as adding your Hennessy moment photographs. They also included a QR code scanner specially for their Hennessy events. So when there’s no events, this function is disabled by them.

Pretty neat app eh? NOW GO DOWNLOAD IT ! 😀

See you this Thursday (25th July 2013) at Butter Factory for Hennessy Night Party! (:

Kyrios Party, @ Butter Factory, KL

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Yay ! Kyrious party last thursday night was awesome . (Warning: Lots of pictures up ahead !)
Most pictures are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Posing outside with the Hennessy Man . He’s only wearing pants .. His torso is painted in black . LOL

Drinks ! There were so many glasses on standby before 11pm .


I tried each glass and I liked the apple one best .

Joanna and I .


One of the bouncers offered to take a pic for me . So up I go on to the vibrating podioum . Gosh, I could have been vibrated off the podium . It’s that strong ! And look , that photographer in the way . And half-headed B.A.T.E …..

FINE . Here’s a better picture of them . In camouflage jackets . Many thanks to Samuel for the photograph .

I didn’t get a phot of DJ Cookie cause there were too many people and I didn’t want to look like a weirdo on the podium taking her photograph .

Ain’t the lights awesome ?? Felt like I was in a bee hive though the name of the club is Butter Factory . LOL

The whole bunch of us . 😀

Overall, I had fun . :3

Many thanks to Donovan Chan from Manoah Consultancy, G2 and Hennessy for inviting me to the event and thanks to Jaz Khai and Samuel for the photographs .

I’m gonna end the post with this song I heard from B.A.T.E . Cats are evil ! :O


Hennessy V.S.O.P – Kyrios Party

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I missed out the first two Hennessy V.S.O.P events, really thankful I’m free to go for the 3rd one . Dj Cookie will be spinning . Aw yeahh , I do hope she cuts down on the mainstream stuff and play some really nice trance, electro and house music . Can’t wait !!

This time round, it’s gonna be held in The Butter Factory . It’s gonna be my first time down at Butter Factory . I’m really outdated , I know ..

You guys should check out the background of Kyrios here . It’s pretty cool .

The Kyrios Party is this Thursday , guys ! See you guys there ! (:

 Hennessy Malaysia Facebook Page
 The Butter Factory Facebook Page