MOF Japanese Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

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My bro bought this coupon from WEBUY quite some time ago and today we finally had the time to go for it . So, my brother, mummy and I had our dinner in this .. Inviting looking cafe in Sunway Pyramid .

The coupon states that we would have 50% off the bill . 1 main course, 1 seaweed tofu with soup and 1 dessert for ONLY RM22.50. My bro bought 3 . Each for mum, me and himself.

As usual, I would check foursquare and read the tips left by foursquare users . OH MY , the amount of nasty tips.. Bad service, salty food, desserts too sweet .. Endless complaints ! Naturally, I got pretty unsure about the restaurant.

Anyway, we went in anyway, sat down and the waitress came with the menus. As we presented the vouchers, everything seemed fine , she took the coupon and the menu back and took a good 5 minute look at the coupon before presenting us a piece of photocopied paper which was the supposed menu for the voucher. I got quite annoyed at the fact that we couldn’t order our main course first and then think through what desserts we would like. She insisted, and slightly raising her voice to emphasis the fact that we HAVE to order it first as she wants to put it into the computer first. (I mean, CAN’T YOU KEEP THE PAPER, AND FILL IT IN LATER, THEN PUT IT IN THE COMP, BEFORE YOU PRESENT US THE BILL?)

SERVICE . Oh my god . I felt like strangling them SO BAD . The tiny waitress was loud . Fine . Acceptable, it’s alright . But gosh, she can’t stop flirting with her male colleague . Vice versa, whatever ! Another guy, would just irritate the hell out of me by repeatedly beating onto the furniture . Sayang, if you wanna be a drummer, please go to drum classes. Don’t do it in a restaurant . It’s SO ANNOYING AND DEFINITELY AIN’T PLEASANT TO LISTEN TO . And, oh my goodness , they couldn’t stop yelling ‘WOO!’ ‘OOOI’ for God knows what reason . They’re so, so childish . They kept playing pranks and joking around with each other while working . They passed the bill book by THROWING from 1 waiter to another . OMG . IF SHE DIDN’T CATCH IT .. It’s gonna hit the customer . AND THEN BOOM . DRAMA-RAMA !

Be friendly , fine . Be a lil’ playful fine . NOT CRAZILY NAUGHTY AND RUDE .

Okay, sorry ’bout that long ass complaint .. Moving on !

Chicken Teriyaki Mayo (RM18.90)
Can’t deny the fact that they use really good mayo ..

Chicken Katsu Special (RM16.90)
I’m not sure what’s so special about this, really . It’s just Katsu . And rice. And half an egg, salad and 2 pieces of watermelon . Sooooo special . Really .

Chicken Curry Special (RM18.90)
Chef’s Choice ?? Really?

Shiratama Kurian (RM13) 

Sesame Sundae (RM15)

Supreme Zenzai (RM17.90)

Summing up all the desserts – not my kinda thing . Maybe it’s yours , I don’t know .

In total, the whole bill would be about RM100 bucks without tax. With 50% off, it would be about RM60 max with tax. With the vouchers, we paid about RM68.70. WITH THEIR TERIBBLE SERVICE, IT’S SUPER DUPER NOT WORTH OUR TIME .

Besides, they had such confusing different kinds of sets, for me to calculate everything (Yeh, being prejudice and only calculating for this particular restaurant) , it would take me 10 frustrating minutes , which I totally do not want to waste .


My good classmates bought me a slice of cake each from Starbucks . 😀 How sweet of them, don’t you think ? (:


Where to go for Ramadan 2012 ?

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kitchen art

Go to Kitchen Art, Empire Hotel for their gearbox soup !
Holy moly, the size of those things would just blow you away!
RM86++ per person

one world

Cinnamon Cafe, One World Hotel for their fabulous tender roast lamb !
I was there photographing everything else because I saw a crowd at the roast lamb stall . Walked around to take other photographs and poof! 10 minutes late to photograph the roast lamb, and oh my goodness, it’s already gone. Finished by the in house guests!
Budget : RM100 – 120 per person

sunway putra

Try Coffee House, Sunway Putra Hotel for their special nasi ambeng !
Bet you don’t know what’s nasi ambeng .. It’s actually a special Jawa dish symbolising luck !
RM88++ per person


Go to KGPA for their wide selection of noodles ! Of assam laksa, curry mee and mee soto!
RM58 per person


For some super spicy balitong and an evening with Celebrity Chef Jaafar Onn singing to you , head over to Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency KL !
The balitong is really some super duper spicy good stuff . About the singing … Well , I ain’t a fan .
RM80++ per person


Lastly, head down to Iketeru, Hilton KL for their special muhibbah bento set !
This is a special one . And probably the only Japanese restaurant to have a special Ramadan promotion for those non-Muslims ! (:
RM120++ per set


Back in Time @ Wok Cafe

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Hey there people, I’m not here to talk about my exams in school. Why not viewing these 2 blogs and my Facebook status comments?
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Anyway, last Sunday afternoon, mum and I went to Wok Cafe at 26, PJU5/21, Kota Damansara. They serve authentic Nyona food and local food as well. Their staff are friendly and efficient. The walls of the restaurant are covered with antiques and old-fashioned wooden doors and walls! Its like back in the Shi Huang Ti time!






So I was testing.. Experimenting. Haha. How does this look? O_o

Char Kuay Teow (RM7.00)
With big prawns, squid, chinese sausage, omelette and tau ge.
Best dish I had for lunch. Not your typical char kuay teow at coffeshops. This one is premium. (:



Lorbak (RM7.00)
Crispy pork rolls marinated with 5-Chinese spices in beancurd sheets
Real huge pork rolls!



Jiu Hoo Char Rm  8.00(s)  Rm  11.00(m)  Rm  17.00(l)
Turnips with carrots, cabbage, mshrooms & dried cuttlefish served with Chinese lettuce and sambal




Put some jiu hoo char in the chinese lettuce, with and put some sambal on it, then nom nom nom.. Eat it up! 😀

Penang Assam Laksa (RM6.00)
Spicy yet my all time favourite – Assam Laksa.


Gulai Tumis Fish Rm  14.00(s)  Rm  20.00(m)  Rm  26.00(l)
Very spicy indeed! Yes very yummy.
Warning: Once you try this, you might not be able to stop yourself from having more. 😀




Chee Cheong Fun
Typical Penang style chee cheong fun. it isn’t like KL chee cheong fun that has yong tau foo.



Assam Big Prawns Rm 20.00(s)  Rm 25.00(m)  Rm  35.00(l)
Pan fried tamarind caramelized prawns served with cucumber & sambal belacan



Pork Cincalok  Rm  12.00(s)  Rm  17.00(m)  Rm  22.00(l)
Recommended. Beautifully made, chewy..


Perut Ikan Rm  8.00(s)  Rm  11.00(m)  Rm  17.00(l)
Tangy & spicy vegetable goulash with local fish tripe & roe
A quiet taste.. I quite like the roe, but the fish tripe is a little too chewy.


Sago Mango (RM3.50)
One word – YUM.

Sago Nangka (RM3.50)


David, the chef. 😀

Taa for now. (: