Peruvie, TTDI

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Peruvie Sangria (RM18 per jug)
A non-alcoholic sangria made of only apple cider and fruits and soda.

This is a pretty new restaurant , only about 4 months old. It is indeed unique because it is probably the only one that serves Peruvian food around here . Even better, within my neighbourhood . WHOO

It’s right next to Penang Village (same owner!) in TTDI, the Star Enterprise side of TTDI.

The process of ordering the chicken is pretty similar to Nandos (Well, saying Nandos is easier to relate to, right?).
A quarter chicken with 2 sidelines would cost you about RM15.90, and a half would be RM24.90.

You must have their chicken soup (additional RM4.90 for set, RM6.90 on it’s own)!! Really, chicken soup for the soul. It’s what I call my comfort food. The soup contains bits of soft rice grains, carrots and small chicken strips.

These are the sidelines that you can choose from !
Coconut rice, potato salad, tomato and cucumber salad, corn, boiled vegetables in garlic butter, shoe string fries and fresh salad.

This, my friend .. Is a bowl of divinity. Naked burrito. With chicken. At the price of RM16,90, you can have this magical bowl of naked burrito. It’s delicious when at whatever temperature. We couldn’t finish it, so we took it home and I had it for breakfast the next day. Cold or hot, it’s still so delicious. Don’t be fooled by the photograph . I was fooled by the looks, really . Buried under the cheese and lettuce, there’s chopped mixed peppers, tomato, corn, cucumber, spiced bean and rice tossed with sour cream. Yummy .


Sausage Strips and Chips (RM8.50)
This would be an awesome snack. Fries with strips of sausages with the best sauce ever – Aji Amarillo. Yummy .

Arroz con leche (RM6.90)
Cinnamon and vanilla rice milk pudding. It’s obviously odd for us Malaysians to have rice in a dessert this way. It’s like eating brown rice in a cup of milk pudding with raisins. I don’t like the raisins part, but the dessert is so good, the raisins are just overlooked. Tsk.

 Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken (Halal)

1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7725-7223


RM1 Chicken @ Canton-I & Dragon-I

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I had a long day today. After school, I was at Canton-I, One Utama for lunch to try their new dishes and the their current RM1 chicken! No lies. It really costs RM1 and worth RM28. It’s a promotion they are having for the second time to ‘give back’ to their customers. That’s if you get it. Anyway, the RM1 chicken taste quite alright, though. *giggles* I’d prefer my home-cooked chicken in black soy sauce (which I had for dinner)

The RM1 chicken offer started on till April 30 and only valid for dinner daily from 6pm to 9pm for dine-in only by a minimum of four persons while stocks last. Nobody’s fooling now, go get your RM1 chicken!


See? Not lying to you! 😀

P1110669 Braised Soy Sauce Chicken @ Dragon-I


Fermented Beancurd Roasted Chicken @ Canton-I


Dried Scallops & Squash in Superior Pork Ribs Soup (RM28)
I love soup. Do you love soup? Well then, it’s worth a try! The soup is really smooth and sweet.



Enough for about 3-4 pax maybe.?


Braised Garoupa With Pork Belly (RM32)
They use roasted belly pork for better flavouring. (: It has deep fried garoupa, tofu, and mushroom.


Sauteed Chives With Dried Shrimps (RM16.80)
Crispy dried prawns, anchovies, cuttlefish, crunchy bean sprout, carrots and onions with cashew nuts.


Stir fried Glass Noodles and Prawns in Lobster Sauce (RM28)
A little dry.. I’d prefer the prawns peeled though. Of course, for presentation purposes.. /:


Deepfried Whitebait (RM12)
One of the perfect finger food. Before you know it, it’ll be finished by others! It’s really yummy, salted and peppered.


Sauteed Seafood with XO Sauce (RM35)


Birds Nest Congee!


Steamed Golden Egg Yolk Custard Bun (RM6.80 a basket)
Really, the best. I really like Canton-I’s desserts. Really creative and delicious.


Steamed Mr. Piggy Bun with Red Bean Paste (RM8.80)
Perfect cheat-sheet to make your kiddies eat!


I shared half with my mum, and how I regret I didn’t take another one. It was really yummy!


Signature Egg Tarts (RM4.80)
Not the best I’ve had so far.. /: Disappointed. The custard isn’t as nice as the one I had in Penang. Even the pastry isn’t fluffy.


Another of their creation. Swan-shaped wu kok. We didn’t try it though. I took the picture from the new menu.


Tel: 03-7722 1888



Passing by Jusco, I saw a new donut shape. LOL. Look like a bangle, look like the baby toy too! O_o


Got 2 pairs of free contacts from Fresh Looks. Rawr!

Nang it!


fermented beancurd roasted chicken