Dreamworks Experience, Macau #Day 1 (Part 1)

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Our flight was at 6.30am, so mum and I woke up about 3 something and left for the airport at 4am. It was a very early flight indeed and an unfortunate event happened on the aircraft. Thankfully it wasn’t us!

I was sleeping soundly next to my mum when someone shouted out: ‘拿钱出来!!’ (Take out the money!) Everyone woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep after that. I mean, hearing that phrase, I thought there was a terrorist or big time robber on board. Genius, couldn’t he say something like, ‘THIEF! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!’ Bloody hell, gave me an unnecessary fright! From then onward, everyone was wide awake and started to chatter among themselves.

This thief was a mainland Chinese, scrawny and scared-looking man. The men he stole from were double his size. He stole about RM500 from them when they were sleeping and one of their friends, a lady saw the incident. This sneaky thief gave her RM200 quickly, not knowing that she was one of their friends. Of course the lady quickly told her friends to catch this thief. Everyone witnessed the thief had 5 RM100 notes with him so he said, ‘Okay, I’ll give it back to you!’ But the men didn’t want to let him go so easily. They didn’t want to take the money just yet, and want to hand him over to the police when we touch down (Which was 2 hours from then). Mr. Thief constantly changed seats for no reason and were being watched by two big men. When we touched down, we were held up for a good half an hour. What an exciting way to start my Macau trip. Police came in and took photographs, asked questions.. They couldn’t find the 5 RM100 notes, so they turned the place upside down. But after a while, they let the rest go off.. Sadly, I don’t know what happened to the stupid thief after that. Not that I cared much. Sheraton Macau > Stupid thief


Couldn’t sleep after the loud noises, so I ate .. Super salty. Ugh.


Mum didn’t bother much, she was pretty upset though.. She was just about to fall asleep.


Using my S4 camera only! Look so gorgeous, eh?? 😀

They look like they came out from a TVB show. 😛 If you know what I mean.. Hee, I secretly took the photograph with my S4.

Main entrance of Sheraton Hotel, Macau

Looks like you’re booking for tickets to a movie eh?

For VIPs, media and members.

Pretty nice to have a lil’ lounge at SPG side.


My media passes! (Yes, that’s a media pass to watch the movie Turbo too)

I dislike waiting at the lift.. It’s extremely cold. But thankfully the lifts are super efficient

Our room!


Don’t you think the white outlines of the drawers form a camera shape ?

Our view from the room……… Not exactly very good lookin’.

Okay, we get a glimpse of the pool. Not that bad.

It’s so amazing, isn’t it? I love how they have odd shaped ‘holes’ with stoned edges instead of the regular rectangular.

Koi Kei bakeries everywhereeeeeeee.

Xin, Sheraton Macau Hotel, Cotai Central

Operation Hours: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm / 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm



6 types of soups you can choose from for the hot pots (Steamboat)
I took the  sichuan one. It’s spicy! 😀



I was just looking at him slice meat for about 5 minutes… SO COOL ..




Their signature cocktail – sour plum mojito is absolutely refreshing.


Ahhh!!!! The char siew is unbelievable! Perfect Iberico Pork from Spain with just enough fats and lean meat, thick enough.. Ahh, blissful life, I tell you.

I only have this much time to update till here today.. :X Time to do my assignments now ! Taaa

Private Kitchen, Damansara Uptown

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Last night , I had dinner at this little place behind Maybank (nearer to the construction area) at Uptown for dinner. I had a great dinner. It’s relatively new, so you guys should go check it out and give some of your feedback to the restaurant! (;


Herbal drink of the day – Barley with special herbs


Love at First Sight Floral Tea (RM5)


Long Spring Rolls (RM10)
Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside . It’s a little oily on my opinion , but that’s what makes it’s so yummy . Isn’t it ?


Shredded Chicken with Private Kitchen Special ‘Ma La’ Sauce (RM12)
Initially, I thought the cucumbers were the main ingredient accompanied by the shredded chicken. Apparently not ! Silly me .. Anyway , the shreded chicken is a little spicy and sour at the same time accompanied with pickled cucumbers like the ones you find in acars .


Long Boiled Soup of the Day (RM6)
This boiled soup is definitely a must have to accompany the other dishes that you would be ordering. Firstly, it cleanses your palate , secondly, it just refreshens you and ready to move on to main dishes. Heads up for you guys, every bowl would contain different amount of meat and arrowhead.


Cantonese Chicken with Sand Ginger Sauce
I’ve tried many kinds of steamed chicken , this is relatively good. It’s different from the normal ‘pak cham kai’ you have at chicken rice stalls as it has more ginger to it. Honestly, I hate ginger. But for all you ginger-haters out there, go ahead and take a bite. Trust me, it’s so mild, you can’t even taste a tinsy bit of ginger.


Private Kitchen Stir Fried Prime Beef Fillet with Strawberry Pepper Sauce (RM28)
I had a shock when the lady served the dish and said it’s stir fried with STRAWBERRY pepper sauce. I thought she was joking. Goodness gracious me ! This is the best fusion version of stir fried black pepper sauce beef ! Juicy meat accompanied with strong pepper taste with a strawberry after taste. The strawberry doesn’t overpower the meat nor the pepper sauce. It was just divinely perfect .


Private Kitchen Sautéed Chinese Chives with Dried Shrimp and Shredded Dried Cuttlefish (RM18)
Not many would enjoy this dish . It’s the Chinese Chives I tell you .. Also known as garlic chives, it’s quite an aquired taste especially to those who rarely eat this veggie.


Pan Fried Pork Chop Lemongrass (RM25)
This is another fabulous dish . First bite’s the best, as you can instantly taste the lemongrass with a hint of citrus. I treat this like a snack, something you can just munch on as you’re in a conversation with your company.


Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Special Salad Sauce (RM32)
Juicy tender pork ribs with a bold hint of mustard mayonnaise . I’m not too sure what is in the salad sauce, but it taste so delicious . End of discussion, you’re ordering this!


Portugese-Style Fried Rice with Braised Pork Belly & Seafood (RM16)
Nothing big to shout about. It’s fried rice but ala portugese !


A warm cosy atmosphere, perfect place to bring your parents for a Hong Kong cuisine dinner!

Private Kitchen

103 Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 03-7728 8399
Email: privategourmet103@gmail.com

Business hours:

Lunch     11.30am – 3.00pm
Dinner    6.00pm – 10.00pm

Closed on Tuesdays

Private Kitchen
103 Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7728 8399
Email: privategourmet103@gmail.com
Business hours:
Lunch     11.30am – 3.00pm
Dinner    6.00pm – 10.00pm
Closed on Tuesdays


RM1 Chicken @ Canton-I & Dragon-I

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I had a long day today. After school, I was at Canton-I, One Utama for lunch to try their new dishes and the their current RM1 chicken! No lies. It really costs RM1 and worth RM28. It’s a promotion they are having for the second time to ‘give back’ to their customers. That’s if you get it. Anyway, the RM1 chicken taste quite alright, though. *giggles* I’d prefer my home-cooked chicken in black soy sauce (which I had for dinner)

The RM1 chicken offer started on till April 30 and only valid for dinner daily from 6pm to 9pm for dine-in only by a minimum of four persons while stocks last. Nobody’s fooling now, go get your RM1 chicken!


See? Not lying to you! 😀

P1110669 Braised Soy Sauce Chicken @ Dragon-I


Fermented Beancurd Roasted Chicken @ Canton-I


Dried Scallops & Squash in Superior Pork Ribs Soup (RM28)
I love soup. Do you love soup? Well then, it’s worth a try! The soup is really smooth and sweet.



Enough for about 3-4 pax maybe.?


Braised Garoupa With Pork Belly (RM32)
They use roasted belly pork for better flavouring. (: It has deep fried garoupa, tofu, and mushroom.


Sauteed Chives With Dried Shrimps (RM16.80)
Crispy dried prawns, anchovies, cuttlefish, crunchy bean sprout, carrots and onions with cashew nuts.


Stir fried Glass Noodles and Prawns in Lobster Sauce (RM28)
A little dry.. I’d prefer the prawns peeled though. Of course, for presentation purposes.. /:


Deepfried Whitebait (RM12)
One of the perfect finger food. Before you know it, it’ll be finished by others! It’s really yummy, salted and peppered.


Sauteed Seafood with XO Sauce (RM35)


Birds Nest Congee!


Steamed Golden Egg Yolk Custard Bun (RM6.80 a basket)
Really, the best. I really like Canton-I’s desserts. Really creative and delicious.


Steamed Mr. Piggy Bun with Red Bean Paste (RM8.80)
Perfect cheat-sheet to make your kiddies eat!


I shared half with my mum, and how I regret I didn’t take another one. It was really yummy!


Signature Egg Tarts (RM4.80)
Not the best I’ve had so far.. /: Disappointed. The custard isn’t as nice as the one I had in Penang. Even the pastry isn’t fluffy.


Another of their creation. Swan-shaped wu kok. We didn’t try it though. I took the picture from the new menu.


Tel: 03-7722 1888



Passing by Jusco, I saw a new donut shape. LOL. Look like a bangle, look like the baby toy too! O_o


Got 2 pairs of free contacts from Fresh Looks. Rawr!

Nang it!


fermented beancurd roasted chicken

Prosperity Chinese Dinner @ Impiana Hotel

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I had 6 main courses with a selection of buffet appetizer and dessert that costs only RM128++ (minimum 3 persons) at Impiana Hotel’s coffee house, Tonka Bean Café. I’ve never seen such a huge coffee house, high ceiling with lovely decorations. Although it was quite warm, I loved the ambiance. Overall, I like this hotel very much. I went there with my mum and my brother.. There were 2 other unfriendly Star reporters with us. Gosh, I cannot stand them..






Signature Yee Sang with Smoked Tuna with BB Abalone and Avacado (RM98++ for 5 persons and RM168++ for 10 persons)
I love yee sang! But the best one is the one we have back in my grandma’s house in Penang. Extra salmon.. Extra everything. 😀 As for this one, it’s really quite nice, but I wouldn’t pay for such tiny abalones. I’d rather get big ones but lesser.. The avacado is a little hard, I almost mistaken them for young mango.  My mum liked the smoked tuna. I didn’t really get a good piece, only a tiny half piece. ): But it was quite lovely, despite how small it was. It’s slightly salty and sweet. Not their fault that I got a small piece, probably it broke into two while we were mixing the yee sang.


Oh, oh ! Remember to pay extra attention to the plate! The decoration on the plate may look like its from the plate but its real! You CAN eat them!


Shark Fin and Crab Meat Soup with BB Abalone and Fatt Choy
The soup is really nice but excess crab meat! The crab meat overpowered the shark fin.. Oh by the way.. I am officially allergic to crab meat! ): My throat feels hot and itchy..


Steamed Cod Fillet with King Soy Sauce
A simple dish which is just so gorgeous. You can really taste the freshness of the cod fish. I wouldn’t like it if it’s made into curry, or with heavy gravy. Soy sauce is just nice to give a little taste to the fish.


Stir Fried Sea Tiger Prawns with Chinese BBQ Sauce
Fresh sea tiger prawns.. Checked. Good sauce.. Checked.


Wok Fried Black Pepper Wagyu Beef with Capsicum and Onion
First piece got me thinking.. I thought its usually the thick blackpepper sauce..? This tastes weird.. *takes another piece* Hey, its sweet and sour AND blackpepper-ish.. Which is actually nice, but quite unusual, don’t you think? They’ve added vinegar, soy sauce, LP sauce, ketchup, blackpepper and worchestire sauce




Clay Pot of Dried Oyster, Fatt Choy, Mushroom and Broccoli
Not my kind of dish. This is getting SO boring. Not only Impiana Hotel, mind me, I’m not offending. I’m just quite sick of this dish.. It’s not exciting.


Cantonese Noodle with Grass Prawns, Ginger and Spring Onion
I love the noodle but I was already to full to consume anything else.



Pretty marshmallows..


They have a chocolate fountain.. Which different things to dip with.


Tiramisu. It’s actually not bad! If you scrap the cream off.. 😀

After lunch, we went to One Utama and walked around.. There were so many cheong sams and decorations on sale. The whole place is so red! At about 4.30pm, we picked up our Chinese New Year Treasure Pot from Dragon-I. RM388++!! For at least.. 5-6 persons, it’s actually quite worth it.. They have prawns, abalones, scallops, money bag, roast duck, chicken and vegetables.. 😀





I love you, Victor Lee.

CNY Lunch @ Nikko Hotel

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Hello world, mum and I had lunch with Aunty Kattie at Toh Lee Chinese restaurant, Nikko Hotel. We had a Set A from the Chinese New Year menu which has a minimum of 3 persons and costs RM138++ per person. Overall, its a lovely lunch I had. The ambiance was pretty good, the food was gorgeous, the conversations made it even livelier. Perfect choice to have a CNY lunch with your family. (: The round table, the yee sang, the contemporary dishes with a bit of fusion.. A real 5 star experience. 😀


Uni and Tobiko Yee Sang and Abalone Yee Sang. We had the abalone one, since Aunty Kattie didn’t like raw fish..
A better one compared to One World’s. Although I didn’t really like the seaweed.. It taste a little weird.. Besides, they’ve added enzyme that’s really good for you. 😀


Double Boiled “Shartin Chicken” with Butterfly Shark’s Fin Soup
I always loved herbal soups. Do you? Oh, oh! Look at those HUGE kei chis (Red dates)! They’re really sweet! The soup is really sweet and yummy. Unlike those bitter ones that most people dislike.


Boiled “Shartin Chicken” with Lemon Grass and Salt Water
Although a bit salty (Of course right, this dish is meant to be salty), it made me want to have more. It’s a cold dish, like drunken chicken. Except it’s with lemon grass, and the spring chicken ain’t drunk.


Deep Fried Sea Prawns with Egg Mayonnaise and Black Sesame
I love it! Although, my first impression was.. Japanese rice with mustard? The chef added a little lemon juice, making it a little sour. Which is my favourite.


Braised Sea Cucumber, Dried Oysters and Sea Moss served with Fried Rice and Golden Shallot
I didn’t touch anything but the rice. The rice is tasteless. No salt. But, I really like it, something about it that made me eat spoon after spoon.




Chilled “Kam Quat” and Dried Plum with Lemon Enzyme
Not my kind of dessert! ):


Ying Yang “Nian Gao”
I really tried hard to like this, but I’d very much prefer it without the sesame seed and the red bean paste on top.