Arthur’s Day 2013

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I’m gonna be really straightforward here. Not gonna tease you on Arthur’s Day 2013. WHO WOULDN’T BE EXCITED OVER THIS CELEBRATION ANYWAY? SKIP ALL THE TEASES, STRAIGHT TO THE MAIN POINT. Pictures of the events later. 😛

Arthur’s Day 2013 Celebration will be held in Sepang International Circuit Welcome Center! So what’s the lineup like? Well…

The All American Rejects !
My favourite boy band when I was 12! I can’t wait to see them live!


Also, you have The Wanted and Five Feet Fighting!

Click on this link to find out more about Arthur’s Day 2013!

And here’s the link to all the information for ticketing. (: (Feels good to make your life easier)

Last night’s pictures at their little party at KL Live.


They had Armadeus to cater some food. Armadeus never fails to impress me. Their mushroom soup, roast lamb and potato salad was so good.

Oh, we had Morning Glory performing some songs when they were annoucing the lineup for Arthur’s Day too. 😛 Morning Glory… Tsk, everyone knows who you guys are! 😛

Officiating Arthur’s Day!


They gave us a little gift too. A little pot for us to plant Ulam Raja . Yay!

Future Music Festival Asia 2013, Sepang

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I’m actually really tired , and my FMFA post will be a real short one . Cause I’ll be doing for ASOT600 only . 😛

Well, we parked pretty far from the entrance .. It took us about 20 minutes of walking to reach the entrance and its RM50 for parking . Goodness . Good workout . Especially walking back to the car after the whole thing .. We were walking in the dark .

Security is pretty strict . We went through 2 checkpoints , first one to check your IC to identify if you’re 18 and above or not . The 2nd one is to present your ticket .

Well, Don from Manoah Consultancy gave me my wristband and media tag at the 2nd checkpoint, so I just went straight in . 2nd checkpoint was where they checked your belongings and what not to make sure you don’t bring in any food or water and etc . At the 3rd checkpoint (LONGEST QUEUE EVER), that’s where they give you your wristbands . Even at the VIP queue line, it’s not even moving . Thankfully I had my wristband already, so I just walked right in ! 😀 Thank you so much, Asahi Malaysia and Manoah Consultancy for the VIP & media pass to ASOT600.

I didn’t bring in a camera because it’s simply too much of a burden to . So I took pictures with my Samsung S2 only .








There was this cubicle after the 3rd checkpoint .. The only cubicle with the longest queue ever, with NO LIGHTS IN IT . So yeah, if you came alone, you’d suffer in this cubicle, having to juggle with your phone light and peeing . Unlike us , we had friends who could help shine light into the cubicle from outside . 😛 We have restaurants to dine in the dark .. And now you have this – Pee in the dark . Yeah . Awesome experience .

The strobes and flashing lights were amazing . Every beat, every perfect note . Gosh . It was euphoric .

When we reached, Super8 & Tab were already on set . I don’t quite enjoy pure trance with no vocals in them . Not in a concert or with friends . I’m odd that way, don’t know why .. But I really like the tracks they all played . W&W also played a few awesome tracks .

They remixed Spaceman by Hardwell with Thing Called Love by Above and Beyond . Although I personally enjoy the sndrz remix of Spaceman , this is equally great . Somehow it blended in real nicely . I embedded the song here . Enjoy ! 😛

Cosmic Gate played their famous Exploration of Space . That’s a real old song man .. Back in 1999 . I still remember how my brother and I used to dance to that. :O

When Armin came on stage, everyone was shouting ‘ARMIN, ARMIN, ARMIN’ or ‘TRANCE GOD IS HERE’ . He started off his set with this song , I love it lah . So epic . Although Final Fantasy X was just going through my head whenever the harmonious angelic vocals are heard ….. Erm . Hehe .

Here’s the full video of Armin at ASOT600KL, FMFA 2013, Sepang
He played a lot of nice tracks from my favourite DJs like Solar StoneGiuseppe Ottaviani , Ferry Corsten .. And my all time favourite song too – Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery . I was definitely in a state of trance .

Here’s the videos of the different Djs for those who missed out on ASOT600

Ben Gold
Super8 & Tab
Cosmic Gate

Armin Van Buuren (The above video)
Aly & FIla

Full Playlist

Okay, enough of my shots .. Let me show you the pics FMFA posted on their Facebook page .


A must go concert – FMFA !

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You must be insaneeeeeeeee not to go to Future Music Festival Asia ! It should be in your bucket list of things to do in life before you die . LOL Really, it’s a one time experience . How can you miss it ? It’s happening tomorrow and the day after , guys !!!!


ASOT600 baby ! What more can I say ? You see Super8 & Tab W&W, Cosmic Gate, Armin Van Buuren and Aly & Fila . Honestly, I don’t know whose Ben Gold .. But I looked up his stuff, he has pretty nice tracks too .

As for Saturday .. I AM SO SAD , I WISH I CAN GO . They placed Andy Moor on Saturday’s lineup .. AT 1AM . OH MY GOD . For that, I embedded two of my favourite songs from them on my blog . ):

I’m gonna miss Zeds Dead too . I love Zeds Dead so much , although I don’t dig Dubstep anymore . Anyway, Zeds Dead isn’t totally all dubstep . I definitely love how he adds in really old stuff into his music . Like “Coffee Break”, he used parts of Aretha Franklin’s cover of Dionne Warwick’s I Say a Little Prayer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just love his stuff .


Just in case you guys can’t find your way in FMFA maze, here’s the map . 😀



We Love Asia Music Festival

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YAY , thanks to Yuki, Don and Manoah , I got a pair of standard tickets to WLA 😀

It was me and Michelle’s first time to a music festival in Sepang, and boy…. Things can get real crazy there .

The first thing we saw when we walked through plenty of complicated routes and a secret tunnel, was this cool blue futuristic outer space looking tent.


Lighting looked so cool here and all but then again, you can’t see me . Bet you wouldn’t even think that was me if I didn’t tell you that … … Awkward ..

First stop! The punchbag machine..
This kiddo here got to about 750 points!! And I only got 460 points!

The lighting here so cool yoh,

There were also this photographer taking pictures for us and the girl beside him scanned this memory chip thing in disguise of a plaster (SO COOL I TELL YOU..) and then she passed it to us. She told us to scan it at the photobooth machine and get a thumb drive with the pictures in it. HOW COOL IS THAT ??

Michelle holding the small plaster memory chip thing.

And the voila ! Inside the thumbdrive is the photograph the guy took of us ! Professionally taken ! Whee.

Next was this icy photobooth . Open the door and step inside, press the capture button and you will be surprised by this gust of icy cold wind right before the camera snaps your photograph ! It’s so cool ! You gotta wait about 10 minutes for the pictures to be developed though .. We couldn’t find ours .. Sadly. ): Maybe there were too much smoke that it covered our faces . Sob.

Also they had this station where you have to catch as many ping pong balls as you can in the container. The wind in there is super strong of course. I didn’t to do it cause it’ll just mess my uber long hair . Nope, not a good idea at all !

But even with the men, their hair look so terrible when they come out of the container.

The last one was the water dunk . A big NO-NO for us since we didn’t bring extra clothes. And it looks .. So. Wet. And cold .. I don’t want to be part of that .

On the other side , nearer to the drinking section, there’s another futuristic tent . Except this one is in a dome, air conditioned. Although it’s air conditioned, it was so stuffy in there .. Overcrowded with people.

In the middle, they had this booth where a few chefs were explaining these weird looking objects.

Well from far they do looked weird . But from here it’s like 2 bigger sized Hershey’s kisses joined together. He explains that it’s chocolate, and then he sprays this coffee essence on to it. It was quite difficult to hear him though .. Although I was right in front of him .

He throws it into the blue container that has dry ice fog coming out when he opens it. Seconds later, he opens the container and fishes the chocolate out and asks us to smell it’s strong coffee flavour (Either my nose wasn’t working or it really had no smell..) Anyway, I ate mine and it melted so fast in my mouth . But THEN AGAIN …. It’s not exactly the most pleasant thing to eat in the world.

Mich and I felt like a couple doing this ._. It’s some cool hand print thingi . So it just scans our palm markings .. We type in our name and they develop the picture .


I know my camera sucked at taking better pics  . Was using my phone camera .. But it has some nice effects right ?? 😀

I enjoyed only 2 of the DJs that were playing there on Saturday night – DJ Antoine and Ferry Corsten. Of course, the main reason I went on Saturday was for them both only ……. The rest weren’t important enough . Dj Antoine was very interactive with the crowd . Which was super fun. At one point, he asked us to put our handphones high in the air and turn on the phone flashlight . It looked quite cool from his view, I’m sure !

Yolanda Be Cool was really cool , but a little bit odd . The beats were also up down up down . Sometimes they played super chill pill songs and then super clubbing dancing songs . Very weird but still cool .

It looked like this ! I took the photo from We Love Asia’s facebook fan page . SO AWESOME !


When Taio Cruz came on … I poker faced . Who caressssssssss . Kay, he’s famous and he has a few nice songs , but I wasn’t anticipated to see him on stage . Besides, he was just lip singing and just saying a few words . He didn’t exactly sing all the songs played . Gosh . Such easy money made for him . Lame .

Ferry Corsten was awesome though .
Here’s the list of songs that I remembered he was playing . I’m so happy he played them . Yay.

  1. Language – Porter Robinson
  2. Crushed – Cosmic Gate
  3. Loops & Tings – Markus Schulz Vs. Ferry Corsten
  4. Live Forever – Ferry Corsten ft. Aruna
  5. Not Coming Down -Ferry Corsten ft. Betsie Larkin
  6. Apollo – Hardwell feat Amba Shepherd


Pictures before the event . Lalala .

I’m pretty sure there were more people on Sunday, since Redfoo and Steve Aoki were playing that night . But not me ! I didn’t go , sadly .. Now, I can’t wait for FMFA ! Anyway, I’m off for dinner ! Bye guys ! 😀