BJD Photoshoot Virgin

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I’ve always been fascinated by ball-jointed dolls (BJDs) and especially amazed at the beautiful photographs people took of them. Yes, I know a lot of people would think of them as creepy, ghostly or inhuman, even (They’re dolls after all… No??). I do think many dolls give me the creeps but these BJDs captivated me in some ways that I don’t know how to explain them.

A few days ago, I managed to find some courage to ask the NZ BJD Club on Facebook if any of them were keen to lend me their beautiful dolls for a short photo shoot (Under their supervision, of course!) Polina responded in a flash! We arranged to meet up two days later, and bam! I finally got my first feel on photographing BJDs! I was handling the dolls with such care and gentle-ness, they told me that I didn’t have to be too careful because the dolls are pretty sturdy. And because I was so gentle… I wasted quite a bit of precious time. Sometimes, I couldn’t stop looking at them and forgot to photograph them. Hah, jokes on me.

Anyway, I wanted a doll of my own since forever (Okay, maybe about 5 years) but I couldn’t afford one and they are almost impossible to buy offline. Polina and Marly (her husband) were so awesome, they gave me one of their old dolls as a gift and a starter doll to get me going. I haven’t photographed him yet, nor have I named him (Had no time, spent the weekend in Wellington for Extraordinary Tales) but I can’t wait to get started!

Fascination for BJD

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Hey there , today I’mma rant about how much I want a BJD . I may not know much about BJD .. Especially when I know there’s only about 0.00005% of Malaysia’s population that would know about BJD . BJD is Ball-jointed Dolls for short (I don’t wanna put BJ Dolls, it might get you thinking differently) . Anyway ! I first saw one on Maymay’s blog . She’s a fabulous photographer , distinctive style of her own . I often check her blog once in a while . BJD are just the loveliest type of dolls ever . I used to wish for a Blythe Doll .. But when I looked at a BJD for the first time just made me go ‘WOW!’ .

They’re just so realistic and ranges from 24cm up to 60cm ! I wish there’s someone in Malaysia who makes these dolls .. Or at least import them . Even so , it’s still so costly . I calculated , for a normal doll (without the clothes and wig), it would cost at least MYR 1,200 ! Hell, I can buy a phone with that money or 20 dresses and 10 pairs of shoes.

Skip the talking, let’s feast on the beautiful BJD photography, shall we ?

I love this porcelain white elf doll . Just divine .

This baby’s name is Jelly , by Asleep Eidolon

Just look at those lush lips

Can you imagine what kind of photographs I can take if I own a BJD ? I mean, look at this photograph . It looks uber cool !

Well, they’re not all vintage/fantasy kinda dolls .. You can dress up up modernly too ! LOOK AT THIS . Red head secret agent-like BJD . *hyperventilates*

Photographs credits to various sites . (Deviantart , BJD shops, tumblr)