Happy Lunar Year 2013

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Yay, It’s CNY again ! The time where my family goes back to Penang, my mum’s hometown and visit my grandma and relatives.

I had my favourite kuey chap in Air Itam Market ! This will keep me contented for a year , till the next CNY.

Yap Temple stone carvings .

So gorgeous I tell you ..

Oh we sold a lot of good books at Chowrasta Market .. For Bloody RM35 . Feel so cheated but we wanted to get rid of the books badly.

Steamboat on the eve of CNY ! 😀

We also skyped with my sister whose living in NZ .


Of course, little Neville visited us at grandma’s place a few times . Ain’t he just adorable ?

Every year I go back to Penang and take his annual pictures . -.- Such a habit for me now .


Meet my couin Nicholas

And the lovely Vanessa, my other cousin .



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The TV aerial guy came around 5 yesterday evening, and guess what he found on our roof?


My missing copy of seventeen (January). Even the front cover colours faded! Stupid people, can’t they put the copies where they should be?


After dealing with the aerial man, we all sat in my mummy’s car and drove to KLIA to send my sister off to Auckland.


The Mother, The Brother, The Sister and The Younger Sister (me).

Nang It!