Soleil Restaurant & Wine Bar, SS17

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Hurrah for a nice new fine dining restaurant within PJ area!

The bread came steaming hot, along with butter and charcoal & salt crystals. A nice change from the usual olive oil and vinegar.

Lightly Smoked Ocean Trout with Marinated Enoki Mushrooms, Fennel Salad and Black Caviar (RM50)
I’m not too fond of the fennel salad but the smoked trout, golden mushrooms and caviar on top made the perfect starter for me.


Marinated Crabmeat with Avocado, Momotaro Tomato and Basil Sorbet (RM40)
Momotaro Tomatoes are sweeter than our local tomatoes. It balances out the savoury marinated crabmeat.

Duck Consomme with Braised Duck Leg Dumplings (RM30)
Comforting, heart warming duck consomme (Almost like chicken essence, but replaced with duck.) The dumplings were delicious too, aromatic braised duck leg wrapped with smooth dumpling skin.


Angel Hair Pasta Aglio Olio with Tiger Prawns (RM50)
Hot pasta indeed! For an aglio olio, it isn’t as oily, instead, you have more chili in it. The tiger prawns are huge, fresh and sweet.

Herbs & Tempeh Crusted Baramundi in Clear Lobster Broth with Shimeji Mushrooms (RM95)
You probably would have noticed that there’s a lot of Asian influences.. They use a lot of Japanese ingredients too.

Pan fried Sea Bass with Sauteed Fennel, Seaweed Butter & Lotus Root Vegetable (RM95)
From what you can see here, the fish looks very dry. But Chef Evert did not disappoint us at all. He was on a winning streak (winning our hearts) as each dish comes out.
It was the juiciest and sweetest pan fried sea bass with the crispiest skin I’ve ever eaten. The seaweed butter adds in a lot of flavour to the fish, although personally I would just gobble the fish down with minimal sauce. Besides, the presentation of the dish just looks amazing. The fried lotus root (super crispy) looked like pretty flowers!

Oven Baked Rack of Lamb with Sauteed Green Vegetables, Herbs Crumble & Tarragon Sauce (RM90)
This plate looks like a pretty garden, doesn’t it? The herb crumbs looked like moss, don’t you think? Che Evert is pretty creative, I must say.
The lamb is fabulous, no doubt. Slightly on the salty side for me but it’s just perfect. It wasn’t too cooked nor too rare, it was just nice. Combined with the tarragon sauce, it leaves you wanting more and more.

Blackforest Tart ‘New Style’ with Lime, Yogurt and Blackberry Sorbet (RM26)
We realized that Chef Evert’s desserts aren’t overly sweet. Mum and I are quite fond of his desserts because of that. This tart is a lil’ bitter (Like dark chocolate) and a lil’ sour because of the sorbet. Delicious.

Pandan Crepe with Banana & Gula Melaka and Coconut Sorbet (RM26)
I’m not a fan of the coconut sorbet. Mum, Aunty Alice and Uncle Ching loves it though! They said it was really refreshing and delicious. I liked the crepe a lot. They made it look like the Chinese dish – Money Bags. This sweet money bag is filled with wonders! It’s mind blasting. 😛

Milk Chocolate, Raisin & Caramel Parfait with Crispy Praline & Hazelnut Mousse (RM26)
This was my least favourite dessert. It’s delicious, no doubt, but I’d choose the other two. Probably because if I had this all to myself, it’ll be too rich for me.

 Chef Evert Onderbeke

He was previously from High Tide (Closed down now), a fine dine restaurant in KL. His specialty is in seafood and European cuisine. Since he has been living here for almost 4 years now, he has adapted to the local cuisine (He can eat hot food! Curries and all!), he has infused a lot of Asian techniques, ingredients and etc into his menu at Soleil.

Soleil Restaurant & Wine Bar

22A, Jalan 17/54,
Section 17, Petaling Jaya
(Behind Gastro Project)

Tel: 03-7932-5989

Look, look! Matching hairband.. Heheheh.


Da On, Pavilion, KL

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Ever tried fine Korean Cuisine? 😀 Hey, peeps. I’ve been busy for a while.. I have one more week of trials! Wish me luck! (: Biology 3 tomorrow. OMG. Anyway, back to the restaurant, it’s gorgeously huge with an urban interior. Well, most places would be colourful and traditionally decorated but this is fine dining, people! Da On has a modern look with hidden Korean symbols. Yep, it’ll be tough to find it. You will notice that you needa climb 2-3 steps at the entrance. Well, there’s a secret to that. They have built special devices to make you buy all of their dishes!                                          JOKE. Actually, they built special suction system to make sure you will leave the restaurant still smelling good. We often relate Korean food to kimchi and barbeque you see. So They had to do something to keep the smoke away as it is a fine dine restaurant. 😀

Anyway, the food is quite expensive especially if you order the expensive things.. Like the wagyu beef. D: Ooh, and they have a special dessert that none other in Malaysia (so far) has! I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s get to the pictures, shall we?


Those are the many side dishes offered by Da On, with the wagyu beef in the middle.






See how huge the prawns are!



Even the mushrooms look huge. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.




In layman’s term, beef sashimi with raw egg yolk and pear.



Charcoal Ice Cream. Heyyy.. I’m not kidding here! It’s getting popular that charcoal helps to improve our lives. In many ways..


What’s this you may ask? KIM CHI ICE CREAM! It sounds odd, taste odd (to me) but it’s the most popular dessert in Da On. Try it once at least. Don’t like it, ditch it. But you may like it. I’m serious here. 😀

Da On,
Level 6,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Tel. : 03-21412100 or 03-21413100

Nang it!


Italian Fine Dine @ Il Lido, KL

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Last night, I went to Il Lido for dinner with my mum. Sad that Christopher or Beng couldn’t come. Anyway, going to Il Lido is like going to some top secret agent building under cover as a restaurant. Hehe. It’s on the first floor, so you gotta take the lift. 2nd floor would be their outdoor bar. Customised chairs and comfy sofas with a bar that has almost everything. You could even watch the KL tower if you are deeply interested. 😀 Sad thing about this is that it’s open air. So when it rains.. Not many can go up there. Anyway, back to the main floor – 1st floor. It’s dark with only the tables lit. It’s cold, so you’d better remember to bring along a jacket. It has steps, so watch your step! (: If you don’t see any steps, the waiters would notify you. Don’t you worry. (: Speaking of waiters, they all are so well trained. They are alert, they are observant and attends to you as soon as possible. Ooh, best part of the interior of the restaurant is that they provide a special place to put your belongings/handbags so you don’t have to share your chair with them. 😀



They have 2 private rooms. This is the bigger one. Don’t be fooled by the plastic chairs. It’s one of the most comfortable chairs on Earth. I am dead serious. They ain’t cheap!


The lamp above the private room table. I could stare at it all day long. It’s really quite pretty.


The waiters dress in brown and they are really friendly and attentive people! (:


Focaccia Bread. A little too oily, and too oily to even dip into the olive oil and vinegar. And it takes ages to reach the vinegar.



Crab Salad with Avocado and Bisque Jelly (RM39)
From degustation menu.


Pan Fried Goose Liver with Saba Wine Must and Sweet Potatoe Galette (RM59)
This is from the degustation menu. I *heart* foies gras.



Rigatoni with Lamb Ragout, Fava Beans and Pecorino Cheese (RM39)
Lots of cheese. Bite size lamb which is chewable unlike the lamb shanks. Love-a-ly. Love-a-ly.  *MWAH (I think I’m trying too hard to sound like an Italian.)


Tagliolini with Lobster and Spicy ‘Calabria’ Salami (RM59)
They say that the spicy-ness comes only from the special salami they imported but the salami slices would not be visible for some odd reason. The lobster’s nice and so is the tagliolini. This is from the degustation menu so it looks a little smaller in size.



Gorgonzola Cheese and Radicchio Risotto with Hazlenut Sauce (RM39)
I’m not really a fan of risotto but this is OK. They have another champagne risotto with LOTS of truffle. That is quite good as well I heard.



Sardinian Roasted Suckling Pig with Plum Sauce (RM85)
Another from the degustation menu. It would be 3 slices if ala carte. You could hear so clearly how crispy it is when you cut it. YUM.


Duck Leg Confit with Truffle Salad and Caramelized Shallots (RM75)
A little too dry for my liking. Like a lamb shank. Not something I’d want to order. ):


Ricotta Cheese Cake with Orange and Pistacchio (RM29)
What? What’s that on top? GOLD? Yeah. They are real gold flakes. I didn’t really enjoy this though. Imagine a cheesecake which is almost like cream. x10 the dry-ness. And add in the orange and pistacchio pieces in it.

Degustation Menu (RM180)

Il Lido

Jalan Mayang,
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2161 2291

Nang it!


Fine Dine @ Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel, KL

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Restaurant Lafite was where I had my lunch today. Gorgeous interior . So urban and stylish.


First thing I saw was this! I was so eager to take photo of it. It’s just so pretty.




They have this cool flower deco on the dining table. It’s real flowers of course. Some has round or square flower decos. Really cool.


The showcase which I initially thought they placed fake food display there.. You know, to tell you how your food would look like! But no it isn’t. Teehee. It’s where you get a free flow of appetizers.


Bubbles. I was curious okay.. I just have to wait for one day to snap a better photo of it . (:


Their selection of bread. See the black ones? Don’t they look horrible? I mean, black.. Reminds you of burnt bread. But you’re wrong! Don’t judge the book by its cover! This isn’t burnt bread. It’s squid ink bread. Sounds weird? Try it first before you judge it again. Seriously, it taste so good. It leaves you wanting more.


Mini Hamburger


Buffalo Mozarella
Sweet pepper, tomato and olive oil


“Squared” Watermelon
Balsamic and Pistachio


Tuna Yuzu
Seared tuna, hon-shimeji and yuzu miso juice.
A little salty if you eat the shimeji mushrooms on its own. So, remember to eat it together. (:


Yellow tuna, Atlantic cod fish, lemon oil, Brioche croutons and vinaigrette.
Can you already imagine the hard work.  Ain’t it just beautiful? Gosh, after eating it, you wish you had more. (:


Brittany Turbot
3 coloured potatoes, black olives, tarragon, tomatoes and saffron sauce.



Victoria Saltbrush farm lamb
Grilled lamb rack and braised lamb with herbed crust, couscous, young artichokes, fine ratatouille, and balsamic glazed.
De.Li.Cious. The lamb was beautifully done. I only liked the lamb and the couscous though.


Oven warm Raspberry Clafouti
Served with vanilla ice cream (Bottom picture)
Hot and cold dessert. Yum. But because the clafouti is a little hot, I couldn’t really finish it properly. It was really hot, nice and sour. Perfect. Lovelier than a souffle.


Nang it!

Restaurant Lafite, Shangri-La

Lunch: Noon – 2.30pm, Monday to Friday
Dinner: 7pm – 10.30pm, Monday to Saturday

11 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Lafite Tel: (60 3) 2074 3900
Tel: (60 3) 2032 2388
Fax: (60 3) 2070 1514


Fine dine @ High Tide, Menara Taipan

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It’s so hot these days.. Anyway, right after my tuition, mum brought me to High Tide, Menara Taipan. Oh my goodness, it’s so sleek yet so fragile. It has French windows, big huge windows replacing the walls. As it was a hot afternoon, it was so bright, I felt like I was in another country. Do you know how costly it is? But of course, the best quality must come with the BEST prices. Before we move on to the pictures, I’m going to be honest, I am not a seafood fan, so I’m only going to briefly describe how it taste and what my mum thinks of it.






Fresh Dutch Sealand Flat Oysters (6 for RM128/ 12 for RM250)
For starters, we had oysters and fresh oysters isn’t my thing. Cooked ones either. But each time I see oysters, I’d take one just to try it out.. I must say, this is the best oyster I’ve ever eaten. (I still quite dislike it, but eating it the french way was quite alright with me)



They have mini buns for you instead of the ordinary big fat bread that lies in the middle of the table all times. They serve it to each customer, asking which bun you’d like. This one is a multigrain bun. 😀


Ocean Trout Tartar (RM58)
With basil leaves and wasabi sorbet in the middle.
The ocean trout was marinated with grain mustard, chopped dill, chives, olive oil and a drop of sesame.




Scottish Scallops Platter (RM88)
You have the Pan-fried scallop served on a creamy puree of Jerusalem artichoke on the left, then the carpaccio of scallops sliced thinly and placed over sweet beetroot cut in small cubes and lastly is a grilled scallop placed over sautéed oyster mushrooms and a mustard mouselline.
I liked the pan-fried scallop the best. The puree of Jerusalem artichoke compliments it so well! As for the carpaccio, my mum loves it so much. The last scallop was only yummy because of the juicy scallop meat.






Monkfish (RM128)
The pan-fried fish is topped with a crust of herbs like tarragon, basil and parsley and served with cooked spinach leaves and a stunning oyster béarnaise. The spinach leaves is gorgeous, the oyster béarnaise, not quite.. For the fish, oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful. Firm and juicy.. It’s not like eating a codfish. It’s different. By the way, go google monkfish if you don’t know how it looks like. Remember the movie, Nemo? There was one time when Marley and Dory went deep down to the sea where no light is seen? There they were attacked by this ‘cute’ fish with a light bulb? YES! That one!




White Halibut (RM118)
Oven baked to a light golden hue, the fish is placed on a fragrant langoustine broth with root vegetables like potatoes and topped with lobster ravioli.
The ravioli is good, but we only had one.. /:


Seafood Platter served with 2 creamy dips (RM248 per person, minimum two persons)









I was being all classy, I didn’t want to use my hands.. In the end I did, 3 of them just stared at me while I do it. PRESSURE! Haha


Callebaut Chocolate (RM38)


Ghana Dark Chocolate Ganache
Served in a glass topped with a foamy honey chocolate espuma and a sprinkle of coffee granite. It’s another rich dessert but to die for.



White Chocolate Cremeux
with pistachio, cottage cheese and raspberry


Sao Thome Dark Chocolate Brownie
A thin sliver of vanilla panna cotta (hardly could taste it though..) and chopped lime-pear compote. Yummyy.. I can already feel the extra calories..


Cottage Cheese Sorbet
It’s already starting to melt when I took the picture, you could imagine when it reach our table.. But it’s real good stuff, if only I could have more… (:



Evert Onderbeke, the Belgian chef.


Carol, whose been so nice and attentive. She’s a real nice lady who always had a smile on her face. (:


I just love my Lancome oscillating mascara..


High Tide


Ground Floor
Menara Taipan
Jalan Punchak (on the way to KL Tower)
Off Jalan P Ramlee
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2072 4452