The Ship, Uptown Damansara

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Fresh Shrimps Or Crabmeat Cocktail (RM12.90)
Garnished with our special concotion of cocktail sauce

Baked Fresh Premium Scallops (Half Dozen: RM28.90)
Scallops baked with white wine bechamel sauce and cheese
These are so good . The scallops are just divine . Big fresh scallops drowned in creamy bechamel sauce and CHEESE ! If I didn’t use a spoon to lift the scallop up, you can’t even see the scallops . That’s how much sauce there is . If you kept your bread, you could even use the leftover sauce to spread on your bread.


Escargots Bourguinonne (1 Dozen: RM28.90, 1/2 Dozen: RM16.90)
French Snails baked in chablis garlic sauce
The escargots are relatively easy to dig out , some just fall right out, which is good .

Oh yeah, Chloe came along with us for the food review . That’s her first escargot, her first time trying ! ūüėÄ

The Ship’s Salad (RM13.90)
Freshly selected lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, dressed with turkey ham, boiled egg and croutons, sprinkle with parmesan cheese.
I don’t really fancy thousand island sauce, so I opted for the French dressing instead . The croutons were a little too big for my liking though .


Roasted Rack of Lamb (RM42.90)
Lamb rib topped with kebab sauce served with broccoli florets, corn on cob and baked potato

Charbroiled Rib Eye Steak (RM54.90)
A tender and succelent steak served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad
The praised signature main course . It’s tender, juicy and each bite just hits you. That oomph !


The Ship is always full . So do remember to reserve a table if you do not enjoy waiting in line . By 6.30, the place is packed .¬†But remember!! On the eve of festive days or¬†special occassions, they don’t take reservations.

The Ship


Table 23, Jalan Mesui

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Potted Shrimp (RM15)
Served with homemade Olive Foccacia & Grape Chutney

They made their own bread and chutney. Their foccacia taste fabulous (A lil oily though), and their grape chutney was delicious although I’d personally wished it was less sweet. I’m not so much into sweet stuff. The potted shrimp was okay . It’s not something really big to shout about but it’s something you don’t often get around here.

Crabby Curry Bee Hoon (RM15)
This one, is amazing. We were all thinking, what the hell .. It’s such a Western-themed restaurant, and we’re here having … Crabby Curry Bee Hoon ? Okay it’s Malaysia, we still enjoy our Asian food but c’mon !
We were stunned when it came . It was “HAH, IN YOUR FACE” for us. It’s just so good .
A lot of people would think it’s like Sarawak laksa, it has that slight hint of Sarawak laksa taste. The shredded crab, the chiffonade basil and mint leaves.. It was just simply divine . Each of us finished our bowls within minutes. It was that good .


We didn’t manage to finish our food review though.. Jalan Mesui had electricity problem . I don’t know what happened but it was really sad for the whole road. Business for that night just died like that . And they were fogging the place during dinner time . How brilliant ! Like, come on , who wants to eat their dinner fogged with the pesticide stuff ? Seriously?

Table 23

23, Jalan Mesui,
50200, Kuala Lumpur

+603- 2141 0023

Kampachi, The Troika

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Have you guys seen the new Kampachi that was only recently opened at The Troika ? There is one at Pavilion, but that can’t be compared with this one .
This one is just so divine, so private and the best atmosphere, guys, hint hint . (;
But of course, Kampachi is a pretty high end place, so do remember to check your wallets before stepping in . Upstairs look just as superb . From here, it kinda look like a sky filled with stars .. Except you replace the sky with the reflection of the floor .__. These are some of the awesome stuff you could get at Kampachi . *Slurp* And trust me, their sea urchin is No.1 ! At least, in KL .. So fresh, and so delicious . I’m so sorry for those who had bad first time experience with stale sea urchins, but really, give it another go . Try this one at Kampachi ¬†¬†

A slice of Japanese Melon РRM75, Keenakan (Orange fruit) РRM15
This is the most expensive Japanese dessert I’ve ever eaten .

Burger Junkyard, The Strand, Kota Damansara

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A new burger joint just opened in KD !

They have different kinds of seats, so take your pick ! I like the round table the most cause it’s super unique and DIY ! The table is actually that thing where you roll big ropes/wire like the empty ones you see in Publika . As for the chairs, they’re wine boxes .
This place is so fun, everywhere you turn, you see something new .

Spot the mice ! Or rather .. Rats . HUGE PLUSH RATS . Their job is to be the order numbers . It’s so cute ._.

Gorgeous graffiti drawn on the walls .

Really makes you think about the word ‘Junkyard’, doesn’t it ? You feelin’ it ? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Moving on .. ¬†Let’s start off with 2 of their meatless burgers .

Grilled Ratatouille (RM12.9)
It may not be the best looking burger, but it is pretty yummy ! Well, at least to me till my mum told me it consisted of a lot of¬†aubergine/brinjal ..¬†(ÔĺüÔĺćÔĺü)
But it was really interesting . It didn’t really taste like how aubergine¬†normally taste like – that slimy weird gooey icky taste … I’m cringing so hard while describing aubergine .
But I really like how all the flavours go together with the aubergine though, the capsicum, tomato concasse, onions and the zuchinni . AND THE CHEESE .

Pineapple Fungi (RM13.9)
BIG Portobello mushroom burger with pineapple, onions, tomatoes cheese, and aioli . The mushroom is really really big .. But if you leave it there for about a minute or two , the bun gets a lil’ soggy . Not that I really mind it . It just has more juice in the burger . Yum . But it gets boring if you keep biting on the parts where there’s no pineapple . When you get lucky and hit the pineapple , ahHhH .. Refreshed .

Buffalo Soldier (RM14.9)
This is my favourite chicken burger here among the ones we had .
Char-grilled chicken thigh burger with celery sticks, tomato, flavoured sour cream topped with steamed cheddar and buffalo hot sauce .
Well, it’s not HOT hot like how hot cili padi is but it’s hot enough to excite your taste buds . You just have to try it to feel it !

Brooklyn Burger (RM15.9)
Just by adding an extra ringgit, you can order this . You have a choice of beef or chicken , topped with smoked turkey ham, fried onion, grilled pineapple, tomato, onions, steamed cheese, aioli and beef bacon (You can opt to take it out and replace with more turkey ham like in the picture above) .
It’s a bit of a mouthful for me . I needed to flatten it a lil or else it wouldn’t fit my mouth . LOL . Overall , I think it’s just too much frustration to take this on . ŌÉ_ŌÉ

Last thing, TRY THEIR TOMATO SALSA , IT’S SOOOO GOOD .. And they promised to have better quality fries coming in soon , ones that still has its skin on . :3 Let’s hope it taste better than the ones at Wendys

Burger Junkyard

No. 16-g, Jalan PJU 5/20d, The Strand Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6143 4305
12-3pm for Lunch | 6-10pm for Dinner
Facebook :

Cash only , Pork Free


La Mexicana, Jalan Nibong

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A shot of Esmeralda (if I’m not mistaken) at work . The heart decorations look so unique ! All of their decor are from Mexico !

Lovely Carmela De Ponte, the Mexican-Italian chef that runs the kitchen here . She sounded supremely passionate when she talks about authentic Mexican food, and tales from her childhood, how all the neighbours are so close to each other, and as well as how she spent most of her time at the kitchen with everyone else.

Margarita (RM25)

La Mexicana “Tuna” Margarita (RM25)
Now this is unique . The “Tuna” here actually meant cactus. Yes, this is a Cactus Margarita. Well, it has a unique taste to it. I would choose this over the normal margarita any day. It has a more balanced flavour to it as the cactus juice gives it a fruity taste, and then comes the alcohol as the after taste. Awesome stuff .

Ceviche “Acapulco” (RM20)
This was one of my favourite bonatas. Don’t judge it’s taste by it’s looks !¬†It’s¬†citrus-y accompanied by a lovely light creamy after taste. It’s just beautiful. Note: It may taste a little too fishy for some people, but I like how it’s that fishy because it suits the citrus-y sauce.

Guacamole (RM20)
Chunky pieces of avocado ! I love how they served it in a mortar. It’s like a subliminal message to the customer, saying , ‘Hey, we don’t blend our food, we mash ’em ourselves’

Tacos “Campechanos” (RM22)
3 tacos with handmade corn tortillas, stuffed with “Carnitas” of pork, served with pork Chicharr√≥n¬†(fried pork rinds), cilantro, onion and Molcajete red sauce. Shredded meat, fried pork skin and topped with gorgeous Molcajete red sauce makes the perfect tacos as bonatas for your meal !

“Nopas” Asado Con Queso (RM30)
Capsicum ? Not even close ! It’s a cactus leaf! Grilled cactus leaf served with Panela cheese on top. It’s an¬†acquired¬†taste actually, it really does smell like capsicum. Take a bite, and you’d find it slightly hot (Almost like capsicum, but the hot-ness comes from the Salsa Verde sauce), after a while, you will start to notice it’s slightly slimy .. Yes, slimy ! Almost like brinjal or lady fingers. Odd, isn’t it ? The panela cheese definitely helped me to calm down from the over excited feeling from the cactus ..

Queso Fundido Con Chorizo (RM18)

“Sopes” De Papa Con Chorizo (RM18)
Always served in threes, sopes topped with bits of mashed beans, potato, chorizo (pork sausages) and cheese, served with Salsa Verde sauce.

Camarones “Mojo De Ajo” (RM60)
Sauteed giant shrimps in butter and toasted garlic, flambe with Tequila “Patron” served with white rice with corn and fresh tomato salad.

“Fajitas Nortenas” De Pollo (RM50)
Chicken fajitas with “Chili Poblano”, bacon, onion and accompanied with Salsa Verde sauce and 3 flour tortillas.


La Mexicana (Me-hi-ca-na)

The Terrace at Hock Choon,
Jalan Nibong (off Jalan Ampang),
50450 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 4253 5251