Samira, Sentul Park

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Ideal place to have dinner before heading over to KL PAC for a show .. A restaurant by a lake .. There’s so much greenery here , I don’t know where to begin ! But do be ready for some mosquito bites . Unavoidable , but at least , I warned . I regret wearing a short dress . :

Shirley Temple (RM15)
My favourite of all times .

Vegetarian Crystal Rolls (RM11)
I always loved the Vietnamese rolls. The skin is chewy, the filling for this particular one is just beyond refreshing . Definitely a must have for an appetizer.  It goes superb with the sweet and sour Thai chili sauce . Without it, it would be a little bit dry for my liking .

Steamed Mussels in Lemongrass Sauce (RM25)
Yummy fresh mussels , nuff said .

Samira’s Traditional Banana Flower Salad (RM22)
At first, I was a little bit skeptical because I don’t see anything familiar that seems edible . Well, they look like the ingredients you ignore in the assam laksa. So .. I took my first bite . *crunch* It’s.. Gorgeous . Simply crunchy, refreshing . Mix of chopped up banana flower, shrimp and squid (And I think sliced chicken?) , this is a divine salad.

Thai Tom Sum with Fish Fillets (RM21)
Sour and delicious :3

Traditional Steamed Squid in Lime and Chili (RM28)
It’s bitter sour . It’s not that great .. But it’s addictive .

Pan fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM12)
Hot banana covered in honey with a scoop on vanilla ice cream on top . What else can one ask for?

Thai Mango with Sticky Rice (Seasonal) (RM16)
The mango is really sweet. But I really dislike how it’s cut .. Too confusing to bother about when the whole dessert taste so good .


Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie, Tropicana City Mall

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There’s a new Secret Recipe in Tropicana City Mall, and this outlet is a special one . Unique and extremely different from the other Secret Recipe outlets . It’s a vegetarian Secret Recipe ! Woohoo ! Time to put away our worries about where to go for a nice yummy vegetarian meal. This is definitely on my Vegetarian Restaurant list .

Mushroom on Toasted Bruschetta (RM9.9)
The bread is crispy on the outside and hot and soft inside, topped with juicy mushroom and peppers.

Fruits Salad with homemade rojak sauce (RM9.9)
I don’t usually eat rojak .. I almost never do .. But my mum was tempting me, she said the sauce was really good . So I did tried . I took the green looking objects of course , which was the cucumbers and kedondongs (Afraid and prejudice on pineapples) . And guess what, THE ROJAK SAUCE ROCKS ! So peanut-y and thick . Oh yummy ..

Rainbow organic Veggie Roll (RM7.9)
Beautifully done . It’s just so refreshing and topped with the pumpkin floss on top, it’s just so amazing.

So colourful ! Refreshing and very very yummy too . (:

Fragrant mahagony sauce tofu (RM16.9)
This is so addictive , I couldn’t stop taking more of the mushrooms and vegetarian crisps. There’s a slight hint of ginger and a little bit hot from the chili and black pepper.

Stir fried lion’s mane mushroom in spicy Portuguese sauce (RM18.9)

Sesame Spaghetti with bean curd roll cutlet (RM16.9)
The combination is so good . Besides, the snow peas and asparagus were so juicy, you can hear the crunch on every bite . I wished they chopped up the asparagus though , it’s a bit too long .

Pesto and Mushroom Pizza (S: RM16.9 , B:RM25.9) 

Jade Roll (RM16.9)
Carrot and celery wrapped in fu chok I believe ? It’s really nice to chew on . I’d definitely order this for tea time snacks .

Oyster Mushroom in Exotic Mango Sauce (RM18.9)
Shredded sour young mango (YUM), flavourful oyster mushrooms accompanied with grounded nuts . Heavenly .

Red Yeast Fried Rice (RM13.9)

Macadamia Cheese Cake
I love anything cheesy and this is just so gorgeous ! Except , I don’t like how the caramel on top overkilled the smooth plain cheese cake . I’m a sucker for plain stuff sometimes .. But it’s really nice . Especially for those who loveee caramel . (:

Pistachio Cream Cake
A very light cake , fluffy and creamy with bits of pistachio in between layers .

Chocolate Mocha
Nothing special , just like the ones you can get in the normal Secret Recipe .

The cakes in this particular Secret Recipe are eggless , so feel free to purchase them if you’re a vegetarian who love cakes ! (:

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie
Tropicana City Mall

03-7722 1680


Fresca, The Gardens

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Check it out ! There’s a new Mexican restaurant in town . I love the atmostphere here . A beautiful combination of modern and traditional design . I absolutely love the old patterned tiles and the big French windows (PSST, GREAT FOR PHOTOSHOOTS . REALLY!)

For you drunkards out there .. Especially the ladies , Tuesday is the Ladies night here !

Tortilla Chips With Guacamole (RM20) and Pico de Gallo (RM15)
The guacamole’s lovely, but if you were a typical Malaysian, I’m pretty sure you would opt for the traditional salsa sauce . Spicy and sweet juicy tomatoes .

Tacos Ensenada (RM19)
Yummy tacos, but I find the coleslaw overpowered the fish greatly . Hence, not worth the money if you’re looking for a very meaty taco .

Sopa de Tortilla (RM22)
This is absolutely a must try !

Fajitas (Chicken RM34)

Churros con Chocolat (RM13)
Lovely bite size churros . Crispy on the outside and super soft inside . And not forgetting dipping it into the hot chocolate . Gosh, diabetic but so, so good ..

Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Lot G-242A, Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : + 60 (3) 2201 2893



September Oyster Promo, Victoria Station

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Calling all oyster fans ! Better keep your September free for the oyster promotion at Victoria Station outlets ! You guys have to go for the promo , man .. It’s SO WORTH IT . ._. I really sound like a tv commercial .. BUT REALLY. Compare the prices from the menu and the promo menu .. The promo is almost half the price ! Seriously, guys .


Kaki Furai (RM23.90 for 6, RM47.80 for 12)
Deep fried . They’re so, so yummy .. Even with Victoria Station’s special homemade sauce, it’s so, so good .

Baked Rock Oysters (RM23.90 for 6, RM47.80 for 12)
A shell full of oyster accompanied with good cheddar and smoked chicken .

Ostriche Arracanate (RM23.90 for 6, RM47.80 for 12)
Don’t be mistaken , it’s not ostrich meat (Quite obvious, with the photo above.) . It’s oysters in French . Lovely rock oysters cooked with olive oil, parsley and bread crumbs .


Duck n’ Such, Hartamas Shopping Centre

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Lovely lady owners of the restaurant . They look like sisters, don’t they ? (;

Ducks, ducks, and more ducks ! So many duck figurines and photographs !

Duck Satay (RM20)
It’s so rare to see DUCK satay . I’ve had rabbit, chicken, beef and lamb satays .. But duck? How interesting. This one, it’s just so refreshing , not the typical satay with strong and heavy flavours. And the peanut sauce . Oh gosh, I could just swim in it. With or without the sauce, the satay taste equally gorgeous.

Duck Chilli Con Carne (RM18)
Con Carne … Duck mode . But honestly, they could’ve added beef and I wouldn’t be able to taste the difference . Perfect for those who are unable to eat beef.

Mexican Quesadilla (RM15)
This duck quesadilla is yummy . A very light appetizer. That’s if .. You’re sharing among 4 friends.

Oriental Herbal Duck Delight (RM16)
Taste like a duck-kut-teh! Yummy . A different flavour compared to the chick-kut-tehs. (: Try it out !

Tagliatelle ala Carbonara (RM35)
Just look at those slices of smoked duck . Can you already taste the juicy tender duck meat? The carbonara taste great, but a little on the thick side.. So it would be hard for 1 person to finish the whole thing (It’s a big portion) I think it’s just this particular one we had, I’m pretty sure they’ve improved on it . (: