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Fresca, The Gardens

Check it out ! There’s a new Mexican restaurant in town . I love the atmostphere here . A beautiful combination of modern and traditional design . I absolutely love the old patterned tiles and the big French windows (PSST, GREAT FOR PHOTOSHOOTS . REALLY!)

For you drunkards out there .. Especially the ladies , Tuesday is the Ladies night here !

Tortilla Chips With Guacamole (RM20) and Pico de Gallo (RM15)
The guacamole’s lovely, but if you were a typical Malaysian, I’m pretty sure you would opt for the traditional salsa sauce . Spicy and sweet juicy tomatoes .

Tacos Ensenada (RM19)
Yummy tacos, but I find the coleslaw overpowered the fish greatly . Hence, not worth the money if you’re looking for a very meaty taco .

Sopa de Tortilla (RM22)
This is absolutely a must try !

Fajitas (Chicken RM34)

Churros con Chocolat (RM13)
Lovely bite size churros . Crispy on the outside and super soft inside . And not forgetting dipping it into the hot chocolate . Gosh, diabetic but so, so good ..

Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Lot G-242A, Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : + 60 (3) 2201 2893



A day out with family

Hello! Ain’t it a long time since I last wrote about food? Well today I’m writing 3! Wooo! My mum, aunt, uncle and me went to Din Tai Fung @ Gardens. Click! It’s the food review me and my mum went to.


Xiao Long Pao


Ha Gao


La Mian


Drunken Chicken
This is the best dish. It is cold of course, the skin has a springing texture and every bite, you can taste the fragrance of Chinese rice wine (Shao Xin Wine).

After that, my uncle went off with his friends to have more dim sum, mum, my aunt and I went walking around looking for baby clothes for Neville! (: My little nephew. We didn’t buy any shirts for him. But my aunt bought his mother a nail clipper that has a small torchlight with it. Haha! Now she has no reason to accidentally cut Neville’s finger or what’s so ever. 😀

After a while of walking, we went to Eu Yan Sang‘s restaurant.. Zun Kitchenette. It’s healthy food, all the herbal stuff. Not your ordinary bitter food, their food are actually pretty good! Well, the things we ordered were fantastic. Delicious. Trust me.


Yuzhu Condonopsis Herbal Chicken Soup (RM10)
Promotes ‘Qi’ and improves energy


Organic Charcoal Noodles with Minced Meat Sauce (RM12++)
It has huge wolfberries, springy prawns, fat mushrooms, spring onions, and minced pork.
Althought with a weird name (Charcoal Noodles), this dish, many people wouldn’t order because the picture looks very unattractive. We ordered anyway, cause it’s weird. Yes, we try weird food. No harm done right? Anyways, we didn’t regret, this was a WOW in every slurp. The wolfberries they sell here are so huge and so sweet. It’s not small that are tasteless. This is really big!! Look at those red berries in the picture!



We also had seafood porridge (RM8). This dish, I couldn’t stop saying WAH after every spoonful. I just love it. I was reluctant at first because its seafood.. But oh my goodness, the squids, the prawns and fish.. So fabulous! When I was taking the picture, I could already imagine the beautiful taste.


Rawrrr. Reminds me of my sister. She don’t look like it, but I saw this creature for the first time on her MSN display picture.

For dinner, the 3 girls went to Sanbanto right after watching Little Nyonya (Oh my, I love this show.). Me and my mum’s second time there, so we decided to try other things.


Pork Bolognese with Home-made Pappardelle (RM17)
When my uncle say this, he said it looked like a messed up lasagna. Haha! Quite true, but this is nice.. A little too sweet for me but its bolognese. They taste like this. To be honest, I love it.



Cheese Baked Meatballs (RM10 for 5 pieces)
This is the second time I’m having this. The sauce is creamy.. Really really recommended. Go try it for yourself and find out how good this is.



BBQ Pork Ribs (RM38)
Good stuff. It’s suppose to come with 2 corns but we don’t eat corn. (:
Anyway, the meat is really soft and tender. You don’t need to chew on it for ages.. The sauce is too sweet though. There’s so much meat, we 3 girls almost couldn’t finish it.






Went to Curve for a walk.. Ain’t it pretty? Curve always has pretty decorations.


Din Tai Fung
Lot LG-207, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City

Tel 03 – 2283 2292

The Zun Kitchenette
Lot GL-01 Ground Floor
Changkat Thambi Dollah
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: (03) 2118 6860

32, SS2/63,
Petaling Jaya,
47300 Selangor

Tel: +603 78761728
(Best if you reserve a table first. This is a very small restaurant that fits about 30+ pax)

Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

I went to The Gardens with my mum this evening.. It was freezing!

They had a PLAYBOY event. New fragrance for men. Cool..


Shirley Temple. My favourite.


Salmon. It looked raw.. But when you taste it, it is actually cooked. How wonderful chefs are these days.

The bread taste so much better than other restaurants. Oh my goodness.. First time I actually couldn’t stop eating them! And its quite thin, it won’t make you feel full!


Sea Urchin with Consomme Jelly and carrot mousse
This dish has a taste that not many would like.. If I had more than 2 spoons I might feel sick. Honest.

Tagliolini Pasta with Hokkaido Scallop and Yukari
The pasta taste like a smoother version of wanton mee. The scallop.. Oh my, what a great taste. Really! The biggest, tastiest piece of scallop!


Lightly smoked muscovy duck with foie gras and Kabu
Foie gras! Have you ever tasted it? It’s fabulous! The duck is just as great. It’s not the ordinary cooked duck. This one is lightly smoked… Half raw. Something like that. (:




Steven. He’s so cute.. He is a malay guy. Totally malay. Yet he is called Steven. A.k.a. Nor Azlan. LOL.

Etuvee of Red Star Garoupa with King Prawn, Nantua Sauce
This was just so so. I dislike seafood.. But the prawn was good. The fish was fresh too.



Slow Cooked Venison with Red Wine Reduction

This was the best dish I had. Although I’m eating almost raw meat.. It taste good. Really really good.



High Class Kuih Bahulu
I’m not kidding. It taste a hundred times better than the normal ones. I dislike kuih bahulu, yet I ate 2 of these.

Feuillantine of Mascarpone with Ice Cream and Espresso Tuile
The black jelly isn’t the cincau you eat. It is coffee jelly! (Damn good. Like the Kopi sweet in jelly form)



Oh by the way, my dinner costs RM265 (per person) excluding drinks.

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