Qualities Men Should Have

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This post is dedicated to talk about men . But not all men are bad .. So don’t feel offended . :3

Not too long ago, there was a video on a girl’s point of view on men . Sadly it was taken down from YouTube due to some personal reasons.

These are the few things that she has mentioned in her video .

  • Chivalry
  • Grooming
  • Patience
  • Spider Hair
  • Long Nails

No . Not only to the lady you’re going for . Do it for every lady out there .
In the video, the girl mentioned how chivalry is dead . One of the men she dated quickly pulled out the chair FOR himself instead of for her and IN THE PROCESS, he stepped on her FOOT ! She angrily said, He didn’t only spoil my RM300 shoe .. He hurt my foot !
Really, where’s that gentle in men nowadays ?
Need some pointers ? Here’s a good site for you to learn up¬†chivalry.
Start being gentlemen . Ain’t fair that we’re always being so lady like and you .. Sitting there like a crude Ah Beng .

Guys who don’t shave/keep their facial hair groomed . Ugh All those stray prickly hair .
Guys who don’t wear deodrant/cologne/perfume . Ugh (I just came across XIANGCOOL.com’s status about perfumes , one of the guys who commented said, real men don’t wear perfume. EW? If that’s real, I think 90% of the female population will not go near real men . Ew. Really, EW.)
Guys who don’t brush their teeth or bathe daily . Double ew ! When you smile, and you see a row of yellow teeth with a gazillion things stuck there . TOTALLY GROSS . How can you live with those things.. Growing on your teeth ?
I really , really appreciate men who keeps themselve clean and good smelling. Plus points, definitely .

Well, I don’t expect men to look like a super fashionista . But decently dressed would be nice . I’m quite sick of looking at guys who are always dressed in a printed T-shirt, surfer pants and slippers . And occasionally a nice cap . Ughh . Wear something different will you ? Yes, it’s Malaysia, it’s super duper hot .. Yadda yadda . Can’t you start making effort in buying different clothes ? Maybe less of a T-shirt but an extra buttoned down shirt , slim fit jeans and maybe, I don’t know .. Proper shoes like Vans for instance ?

I’d really wish some men will lose the ‘Oh books are for nerds’ attitude . A man with no brains will just eventually lose to someone intelligent . You don’t have to be a guy who has to get straight As for your exams . I’m talking about street smart as well . Just like how Linora says in her video, cold water + instant noodles ? Real . Being intelligent boosts your impression on girls greatly of course . But sadly, some intelligent men prefer to overboast and that is such a turn off .


Well, I’m a gamer, but I won’t make my other half wait for 4 stinkin’ hours to reply to a DATE! If you badly want to kill the huge ass boss, win some douche bag or whatever .. Then just say, ‘Sorry hun, not today. I don’t think I can finish this game in time.’ OR SOMETHING . Don’t leave your woman hanging !

Spider Hair and Long Nails
Nuff said . Uber gross .

Best Friend
You know my favourite food , my favourite colour , my hobbies and stuff and I know yours . We do totally platonic stuff like gaming together . It’s cool ! I’d like to play video games with my lifelong partner (Gamer chick POV, hee .) If you don’t share everything together .. You have no clue what the girl is all about , get where I’m going ? If you don’t treat her like how you treat your best friend , that just means you’re not comfortable enough to be around her . Without a solid base of friendship , how did you ever.. Be in a relationship with full trust and confidence?

I’m pretty sure every girl would love a lil’ superman protection from their man . It’s just manly . Manly to be able to protect your woman. It’s really just pure manliness .

Heee ..



Speaking of protection … Hell, we need more men to deal with people like Calven Chik . The latest scandal in news .. Here’s the link to the complete scandal and their followups . She may have done something wrong and ended up pregnant , but she definitely does not deserve that kinda treatment . And apparently she had an affair with a local Datuk, talk it out yo! There’s no reason why she should be beaten up like that !