The Salad Bar, Damansara Uptown

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Most of us always make new resolutions to keep fit, go to the gym often and eat healthier food . But how often do we keep that resolution and continuously eat healthy food ? I’m pretty sure you have your regular places for organic food and such .. But how about trying a new place ? Try The Salad Bar. Worth your time, trust me , especially when you’re into greens . ^^ I love my veggie and I definitely love salads . Yums

Spicy teriyaki chicken salad with spicy vinegar dressing (Large : RM11.90 , Half Portion : RM6.90)
My favourite salad here, I like the sauce and how spicy it is . Besides, it’s lean meat, makes me feel better of myself . Healthy living . ūüėõ

Pumpkin Soup with croquettes
*Slurp . I seem to be eating more pumpkins lately .. Anyway, this bowl of pumpkin soup is super good . It feels like slurping spoonfuls of blended pumpkins . Haha . Try it out !

High Energy Superman salad with wheatflakes (RM11.90 for full portion)
This is the full size . Half size is like 3 quarters of this . Really , both portions are uber huge .. Be careful when you’re choosing the size for your salads .

 Club Sandwich (RM7.90)

Amazing how such a simple thing can taste so good . Mum and I make this all the time .. But this is different compared to what we usually make . Yummy .

Dory Carbonara (RM7.90)
Nothing big to shout about, but it’s good stuff .

Spicy Chicken (RM7.90)
But this one is different. Looks like mee goreng kan? But it doesn’t taste like that ! *licks lips*
Spicy spooketi (Trying to be lame here, as Halloween is coming), aromatic basil flavour with slices of chicken meat. I’d definitely order this everytime I visit The Salad Bar.

Homemade Yogurt with honey + 1 topping (RM4.50)
THE YOGURT IS SO GOOD . You can tell the difference , really . If you can’t, go buy the cup yogurt from the supermarket, and buy this .

The Salad Bar (Pork-free)

41 Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel 03-7731 2228



Hokano, Uptown Damansara

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Mm . My favourite Jap restaurant in PJ . I loved this place ever since I was a little girl . Really :3
It’s so homely, so comfortable . It’s such a¬†neighbourhood¬†Japanese restaurant. I love it .

7 types of mushrooms in a single dish ! How awesome is that?! Sadly for you , it’s one of the daily specials, so wear your lucky undies , maybe you’d be lucky enough to be able to order these lovely mushrooms .

Another of the daily specials. The soup is fabulous . A must try !!! That’s if … You’re lucky . (;

Sanma Shioyaki (RM16.50)
Mummy introduced this fish to us very long ago .. Then prices hiked up . So we stopped having it at home . I’m so glad to be able to have it again ! It’s super duper sweet . It’s so¬†explainable¬†, it’s just different . I promise you, you’d like it very much if you’re a fish person . ūüėõ

Squid squid squid . Hot stuff . Something nice for tea time while you chat away with your friends. (Daily Specials too)

Hokano Roll (RM30)
There’s 101 things inside the Hokano Roll .. … … Just kidding, who am I fooling ? The photo is just up there ..
BUT! It does have prawn tempura , crabstick inside and eel, avocado and tabiko on the outside . That’s almost 101 to me for a Sushi Roll . It’s super duper yummy, do try it out !
Or you could opt for the Spider Roll (RM16.50) , ¬†Kano Roll (RM21), Philadelphia Roll (RM12.95) ¬†. They’re my top favourites . Even the Spicy Salmon Roll (RM8) , it’s just so fresh, so delicious!
Kano roll has cream cheese and eel inside, whereas philadelphia roll has smoked salmon and cream cheese

Sashimi Moriawase (RM54.90)
Superb . They’re fresh , and just simply delicious . My favourite one is the butter fish . Yummy .

Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon (Cold) (RM17.50)
I normally order the Zaru/Ocha soba cause it’s yummy, filling and cheap . This is the first time I’m trying their Tempura cold udon .. The udon is awesome ! But I still prefer the zaru/ocha style .


I’ve been busy all week with assignments (and as well as gaming too much) , hence the ultra late posts . I’ll promise to update asap ! (:

Hokano (Pork-free)

Facebook Page 
74, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, MY.
03-7729 5325


Marché, The Curve

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Meep . Meep meep . :3 Sorry, I just had to . It just looks so adorable . ūüėõ

Caesar Salad with extra topping of salmon.
This is lovely , but it’s so common, it’s just another Caesar Salad.
S: RM9.90++, M: RM12.90++, L: RM14.90++
+Smoke Salmon: RM11.90++
+Australian Beef Salami: RM3.90++ 

Wild Mushroom Soup (S: RM8.90++ , L: RM10.90++)
It’s probably one of the best things I had here. It’s really wild mushroom soup, not one of those canned Campell soups or the instant packets.

That’s my crepe on the pan!

Mushroom and Cream Crepe (RM22.90++)
Lovely. Probably it’s just me, I loveee mushrooms !

Australian Rib Eye (RM40.90++)
For that price .. NO . And the amount of fats.. Oh gosh, I’d rather have something else .

The most pathetic Carbonara I’ve ever seen. Does it even look like a Carbonara? (S:RM16.90++ L:RM25.90++)

Spanish Paella in makin’!

Spanish Paella (RM22.90++)
This is something really worth the price. It’s so refreshing and the rice was just al dente. Beautiful.

White Chocolate Cheese Cake (RM7.90++)


Blueberry Crepe with Strawberry topping and 2 scoops of Caramel Häagen-Dazs Ice cream (RM24.90++)
Without the ice cream, it would only cost you RM14.90++
Yummy yummy . But I find the crepe gets hard a lil’ too fast .. Something just doesn’t feel right.

I didn’t take pictures of their Rosti , but they are GOOD .
Plain Rosti (RM8.90++)
Smoked Salmon (RM11.90++)
Cheddar Cheese (RM6.90++)
Fried Egg (RM2++)
Any sausage (RM10.90++)
Sauteed Mushrooms (RM10.90++)
Homemade Beef Meatballs In Fresh Mixed Berries Sauce  (RM12.50++)
When we were leaving, I saw the couple in front of us paying about RM290 ! Goodness gracious me! I don’t think it’s worth your money to come here to had a full meal! It’s just too costly.