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The Salad Bar, Damansara Uptown

Most of us always make new resolutions to keep fit, go to the gym often and eat healthier food . But how often do we keep that resolution and continuously eat healthy food ? I’m pretty sure you have your regular places for organic food and such .. But how about trying a new place ? Try The Salad Bar. Worth your time, trust me , especially when you’re into greens . ^^ I love my veggie and I definitely love salads . Yums

Spicy teriyaki chicken salad with spicy vinegar dressing (Large : RM11.90 , Half Portion : RM6.90)
My favourite salad here, I like the sauce and how spicy it is . Besides, it’s lean meat, makes me feel better of myself . Healthy living . 😛

Pumpkin Soup with croquettes
*Slurp . I seem to be eating more pumpkins lately .. Anyway, this bowl of pumpkin soup is super good . It feels like slurping spoonfuls of blended pumpkins . Haha . Try it out !

High Energy Superman salad with wheatflakes (RM11.90 for full portion)
This is the full size . Half size is like 3 quarters of this . Really , both portions are uber huge .. Be careful when you’re choosing the size for your salads .

 Club Sandwich (RM7.90)

Amazing how such a simple thing can taste so good . Mum and I make this all the time .. But this is different compared to what we usually make . Yummy .

Dory Carbonara (RM7.90)
Nothing big to shout about, but it’s good stuff .

Spicy Chicken (RM7.90)
But this one is different. Looks like mee goreng kan? But it doesn’t taste like that ! *licks lips*
Spicy spooketi (Trying to be lame here, as Halloween is coming), aromatic basil flavour with slices of chicken meat. I’d definitely order this everytime I visit The Salad Bar.

Homemade Yogurt with honey + 1 topping (RM4.50)
THE YOGURT IS SO GOOD . You can tell the difference , really . If you can’t, go buy the cup yogurt from the supermarket, and buy this .

The Salad Bar (Pork-free)

41 Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel 03-7731 2228



Hokano, Uptown Damansara

Mm . My favourite Jap restaurant in PJ . I loved this place ever since I was a little girl . Really :3
It’s so homely, so comfortable . It’s such a neighbourhood Japanese restaurant. I love it .

7 types of mushrooms in a single dish ! How awesome is that?! Sadly for you , it’s one of the daily specials, so wear your lucky undies , maybe you’d be lucky enough to be able to order these lovely mushrooms .

Another of the daily specials. The soup is fabulous . A must try !!! That’s if … You’re lucky . (;

Sanma Shioyaki (RM16.50)
Mummy introduced this fish to us very long ago .. Then prices hiked up . So we stopped having it at home . I’m so glad to be able to have it again ! It’s super duper sweet . It’s so explainable , it’s just different . I promise you, you’d like it very much if you’re a fish person . 😛

Squid squid squid . Hot stuff . Something nice for tea time while you chat away with your friends. (Daily Specials too)

Hokano Roll (RM30)
There’s 101 things inside the Hokano Roll .. … … Just kidding, who am I fooling ? The photo is just up there ..
BUT! It does have prawn tempura , crabstick inside and eel, avocado and tabiko on the outside . That’s almost 101 to me for a Sushi Roll . It’s super duper yummy, do try it out !
Or you could opt for the Spider Roll (RM16.50) ,  Kano Roll (RM21), Philadelphia Roll (RM12.95)  . They’re my top favourites . Even the Spicy Salmon Roll (RM8) , it’s just so fresh, so delicious!
Kano roll has cream cheese and eel inside, whereas philadelphia roll has smoked salmon and cream cheese

Sashimi Moriawase (RM54.90)
Superb . They’re fresh , and just simply delicious . My favourite one is the butter fish . Yummy .

Tenzaru Inaniwa Udon (Cold) (RM17.50)
I normally order the Zaru/Ocha soba cause it’s yummy, filling and cheap . This is the first time I’m trying their Tempura cold udon .. The udon is awesome ! But I still prefer the zaru/ocha style .


I’ve been busy all week with assignments (and as well as gaming too much) , hence the ultra late posts . I’ll promise to update asap ! (:

Hokano (Pork-free)

Facebook Page 
74, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, MY.
03-7729 5325


Marché, The Curve

Meep . Meep meep . :3 Sorry, I just had to . It just looks so adorable . 😛

Caesar Salad with extra topping of salmon.
This is lovely , but it’s so common, it’s just another Caesar Salad.
S: RM9.90++, M: RM12.90++, L: RM14.90++
+Smoke Salmon: RM11.90++
+Australian Beef Salami: RM3.90++ 

Wild Mushroom Soup (S: RM8.90++ , L: RM10.90++)
It’s probably one of the best things I had here. It’s really wild mushroom soup, not one of those canned Campell soups or the instant packets.

That’s my crepe on the pan!

Mushroom and Cream Crepe (RM22.90++)
Lovely. Probably it’s just me, I loveee mushrooms !

Australian Rib Eye (RM40.90++)
For that price .. NO . And the amount of fats.. Oh gosh, I’d rather have something else .

The most pathetic Carbonara I’ve ever seen. Does it even look like a Carbonara? (S:RM16.90++ L:RM25.90++)

Spanish Paella in makin’!

Spanish Paella (RM22.90++)
This is something really worth the price. It’s so refreshing and the rice was just al dente. Beautiful.

White Chocolate Cheese Cake (RM7.90++)


Blueberry Crepe with Strawberry topping and 2 scoops of Caramel Häagen-Dazs Ice cream (RM24.90++)
Without the ice cream, it would only cost you RM14.90++
Yummy yummy . But I find the crepe gets hard a lil’ too fast .. Something just doesn’t feel right.

I didn’t take pictures of their Rosti , but they are GOOD .
Plain Rosti (RM8.90++)
Smoked Salmon (RM11.90++)
Cheddar Cheese (RM6.90++)
Fried Egg (RM2++)
Any sausage (RM10.90++)
Sauteed Mushrooms (RM10.90++)
Homemade Beef Meatballs In Fresh Mixed Berries Sauce  (RM12.50++)
When we were leaving, I saw the couple in front of us paying about RM290 ! Goodness gracious me! I don’t think it’s worth your money to come here to had a full meal! It’s just too costly.


Dim Sum Sum.


P1000377Suppose to have indian food, instead we had dim sum. Stupid PR. He forgot about it. What excuse! Anyway, we went to this new dim sum place called Jin Xuan Hong Kong @ DJ near Atria. The food was not bad. Great thing about this place is that it’s open from 7am till 11.30pm! First dim sum restaurant I know that opens all day. This place is spacious and quite cooling. Brightly lit as well. The food? Not bad. Some are different, some are tasteless. Yes, I really mean the word tasteless – Not salty enough. For the 3 of us, we only spent RM40+. Tell me, isn’t this worth going if you’re a dim sum fan? Overall, I give a 7/10. *cheers!

-1 because it wasn’t my day to eat dim sum.
-1 because of the tasteless food
-1 because they ran out of lots of food items.


A mini display for everyone to see. 😀

Fried Sticky Rice
Mmmm… This is nice. The rice is like the lo-mai-kai rice, it has chinese sausage, egg, dried shrimps. Just lovely.


Shrimp Rice Roll
See the bulging orange-ish in the middle? That’s the prawn.


It’s actually not bad. Quite tasty

Green Mussels Cheese-mai
We ordered this cause it sounded weird. Haha

It tasted okay, the cheese was creamy, it had milk in it as well. Very strong taste… (So not for me.)

Pao Pao..! Char Siew Pao

Can you see the fluffy-ness? It’s fantabulous!

I took this from the display.. I really do not know what this is. It looks cute though.

Deep fried turnip cake
This was the tasteless dish. Probably just a mistake.. If not, it would taste fabulous

This taste like fish balls.


Deep fried sesame balls

It’s a pao, with fried bottom (the sesame side) and has pork inside. With vinegar and ginger at the side to dip. AWESOME..

Egg tarts!

There is a layer of jelly on top. Nice. The pastry is just right as well.

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