Humble Chef, Plaza Damansara

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Heyyyy .. A lil short post on Humble Chef today 😀

Humble chef has a super clean and simple space for dining.

Lamb Pita (RM5) & Chicken and mozarella cheese Omelette (RM5)
Gorgeous lamb pita, the bread almost melts in your mouth along with the lamb. As you can see, it’s so easy to tear off (in the photo) anyway. But really, it’s one of the best lamb pita for its value. Ever !
The omelette .. oh gosh, heavenly !!!! Such simple food, yet so satisfying .

Seafood Aglio Olio (RM5)
Spaghetti in olive oil sauce, fresh crunchy prawns, celery and a sprinkle of blackpepper on top. It’s nothing fantastic , honestly .. But for RM5 ? Oh what the heck ! Especially when you’re in Plaza Damansara where nothing is below RM20 for a decent meal !

Creme Brulee (RM5)
It’s a big portion actually .. It’s decent, but I find it a lil’ too hard . Possibly because it’s kept in the fridge for too long .


Humble Chef

54, Plaza Damansara, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Damansara Heights, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours : 6pm – 12am

Samira, Sentul Park

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Ideal place to have dinner before heading over to KL PAC for a show .. A restaurant by a lake .. There’s so much greenery here , I don’t know where to begin ! But do be ready for some mosquito bites . Unavoidable , but at least , I warned . I regret wearing a short dress . :

Shirley Temple (RM15)
My favourite of all times .

Vegetarian Crystal Rolls (RM11)
I always loved the Vietnamese rolls. The skin is chewy, the filling for this particular one is just beyond refreshing . Definitely a must have for an appetizer.  It goes superb with the sweet and sour Thai chili sauce . Without it, it would be a little bit dry for my liking .

Steamed Mussels in Lemongrass Sauce (RM25)
Yummy fresh mussels , nuff said .

Samira’s Traditional Banana Flower Salad (RM22)
At first, I was a little bit skeptical because I don’t see anything familiar that seems edible . Well, they look like the ingredients you ignore in the assam laksa. So .. I took my first bite . *crunch* It’s.. Gorgeous . Simply crunchy, refreshing . Mix of chopped up banana flower, shrimp and squid (And I think sliced chicken?) , this is a divine salad.

Thai Tom Sum with Fish Fillets (RM21)
Sour and delicious :3

Traditional Steamed Squid in Lime and Chili (RM28)
It’s bitter sour . It’s not that great .. But it’s addictive .

Pan fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM12)
Hot banana covered in honey with a scoop on vanilla ice cream on top . What else can one ask for?

Thai Mango with Sticky Rice (Seasonal) (RM16)
The mango is really sweet. But I really dislike how it’s cut .. Too confusing to bother about when the whole dessert taste so good .


Where to go for Ramadan 2012 ?

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kitchen art

Go to Kitchen Art, Empire Hotel for their gearbox soup !
Holy moly, the size of those things would just blow you away!
RM86++ per person

one world

Cinnamon Cafe, One World Hotel for their fabulous tender roast lamb !
I was there photographing everything else because I saw a crowd at the roast lamb stall . Walked around to take other photographs and poof! 10 minutes late to photograph the roast lamb, and oh my goodness, it’s already gone. Finished by the in house guests!
Budget : RM100 – 120 per person

sunway putra

Try Coffee House, Sunway Putra Hotel for their special nasi ambeng !
Bet you don’t know what’s nasi ambeng .. It’s actually a special Jawa dish symbolising luck !
RM88++ per person


Go to KGPA for their wide selection of noodles ! Of assam laksa, curry mee and mee soto!
RM58 per person


For some super spicy balitong and an evening with Celebrity Chef Jaafar Onn singing to you , head over to Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency KL !
The balitong is really some super duper spicy good stuff . About the singing … Well , I ain’t a fan .
RM80++ per person


Lastly, head down to Iketeru, Hilton KL for their special muhibbah bento set !
This is a special one . And probably the only Japanese restaurant to have a special Ramadan promotion for those non-Muslims ! (:
RM120++ per set


Saisaki , Wisma UOA

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Hi, I’m back with a food review. Sort of, I find my posts more like a laundry list instead. Today’s about Saisaki , the sister restaurant of both Shoguns in One Utama and Sunway Pyramid . One thing about Saisaki, they put really funny/weird/out of this world names for their food. Out of this world as in, okay. I don’t even know how to explain . Examples are like , they named their cincau dessert – Taste and Feel. They named one of their dishes, Taste Until Laugh . And you get the picture… Right? (:


Yum yum..  The amazing selection of makis.


Apparently, the Japanese love yam .. This maki has yam instead of rice.










Each type of maki are so unique. Amazing, how they designed them .





I was greeddyyy, took a plate of different makis. My real intention was to photograph them actually. ;P



The woman on the right pan fries the meat for you. While, on the left, is the ice kacang . LOL





Their sashimi selection’s the best part. Their salmon, OH MY GOD . YOU MUST HAVE THEM!


Fried Shishamo




Prawn Snake Skin


Tofu Fish Cheese Yaki (Honest, I couldn’t taste any cheese.)



Unit No1-9, 1st Floor, Wisma UOA II
No. 21, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Te l: 603-21663728


Italian Fine Dine @ Il Lido, KL

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Last night, I went to Il Lido for dinner with my mum. Sad that Christopher or Beng couldn’t come. Anyway, going to Il Lido is like going to some top secret agent building under cover as a restaurant. Hehe. It’s on the first floor, so you gotta take the lift. 2nd floor would be their outdoor bar. Customised chairs and comfy sofas with a bar that has almost everything. You could even watch the KL tower if you are deeply interested. 😀 Sad thing about this is that it’s open air. So when it rains.. Not many can go up there. Anyway, back to the main floor – 1st floor. It’s dark with only the tables lit. It’s cold, so you’d better remember to bring along a jacket. It has steps, so watch your step! (: If you don’t see any steps, the waiters would notify you. Don’t you worry. (: Speaking of waiters, they all are so well trained. They are alert, they are observant and attends to you as soon as possible. Ooh, best part of the interior of the restaurant is that they provide a special place to put your belongings/handbags so you don’t have to share your chair with them. 😀



They have 2 private rooms. This is the bigger one. Don’t be fooled by the plastic chairs. It’s one of the most comfortable chairs on Earth. I am dead serious. They ain’t cheap!


The lamp above the private room table. I could stare at it all day long. It’s really quite pretty.


The waiters dress in brown and they are really friendly and attentive people! (:


Focaccia Bread. A little too oily, and too oily to even dip into the olive oil and vinegar. And it takes ages to reach the vinegar.



Crab Salad with Avocado and Bisque Jelly (RM39)
From degustation menu.


Pan Fried Goose Liver with Saba Wine Must and Sweet Potatoe Galette (RM59)
This is from the degustation menu. I *heart* foies gras.



Rigatoni with Lamb Ragout, Fava Beans and Pecorino Cheese (RM39)
Lots of cheese. Bite size lamb which is chewable unlike the lamb shanks. Love-a-ly. Love-a-ly.  *MWAH (I think I’m trying too hard to sound like an Italian.)


Tagliolini with Lobster and Spicy ‘Calabria’ Salami (RM59)
They say that the spicy-ness comes only from the special salami they imported but the salami slices would not be visible for some odd reason. The lobster’s nice and so is the tagliolini. This is from the degustation menu so it looks a little smaller in size.



Gorgonzola Cheese and Radicchio Risotto with Hazlenut Sauce (RM39)
I’m not really a fan of risotto but this is OK. They have another champagne risotto with LOTS of truffle. That is quite good as well I heard.



Sardinian Roasted Suckling Pig with Plum Sauce (RM85)
Another from the degustation menu. It would be 3 slices if ala carte. You could hear so clearly how crispy it is when you cut it. YUM.


Duck Leg Confit with Truffle Salad and Caramelized Shallots (RM75)
A little too dry for my liking. Like a lamb shank. Not something I’d want to order. ):


Ricotta Cheese Cake with Orange and Pistacchio (RM29)
What? What’s that on top? GOLD? Yeah. They are real gold flakes. I didn’t really enjoy this though. Imagine a cheesecake which is almost like cream. x10 the dry-ness. And add in the orange and pistacchio pieces in it.

Degustation Menu (RM180)

Il Lido

Jalan Mayang,
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 2161 2291

Nang it!