Flower Buns, anyone?

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It was a bright and sunny Saturday. I didn’t sleep very well due to my week old cough. Despite my lack of sleep, I freshened up and waited for SIdney to pick me up.ย The whole bunch of us went to At 19 Culinary to learn how to bake red bean buns! It was relatively easy for us to locate the venue because Samsung put up banners like these to guide us to the house.

Nobody would have guessed it is actually a house (If you aren’t familiar with this area, of course) I carpooled with Sidney today. When we arrived, most of the bloggers were there already! (: We had to quickly write a question to ask the stars (Adam and Sue from the short film) later onward.

Wind Chimes in a Bakery is all about never giving up on your dreams. So I decided to wear my dream catcher necklace. Just a lil’ something to show that I understood the short film, you know?

We were told to split up into groups of fives and go to our stations. I teamed up with Shakiddo, Ah Bok, Anna and Sidney. The ingredients were already measured and placed in different bowls.

After the MC introduced the stars, Nabil and Koe Yeet (Adam and Sue), she passed it to our teacher! Teacher: Okay, I’ve already prepared the recipe, it’s on your station tables *Everyone searching for the recipe PAPER* Turns out that the recipe was actually in the photo gallery in the Samsung Galaxy S4s they placed on the station table. Gee, I knew that. I mean, yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Pft.

Everyone understood why there were 2 Samsung S4s nicely placed on our station tables after that. Definitely not just for decoration or advertising purposes… (Or maybe most of us were pretty blur on a Saturday morning)

Team work! Managed to catch a photo of Ah Bok and Anna sieving the flour and stirring it before taking over the sieving job .

After that, she taught us the later parts of the recipe. Sadly, I didn’t catch our teacher’s name .. Shall go find out later. ๐Ÿ˜›

Koe Yeet weighed the dough and separated the hug bowl of dough into tiny ones of 65g, while Nabil rolled. And rolled. And rolled the dough for the some of us and himself. After that, our lovely teacher taught us how to cut them to shape them like flowers and all.

Nabil and Koe Yeet were pretty naughty, playing with the dusting flour and all.


After we all made our buns, we placed them on the tray and went inside to watch the 4 episodes of the short film (3rd time for me, LOL).

Yukiko, Ashley and me. When we were watching the film, excited Koe Yeet shared with us some Behind-the-scenes stories. She was really entertaining and hillarious. Poor Nabil had to take in a lot of embarrassment. After watching the 4 episodes, the MC asked the stars some of the questions we wrote down earlier.

I’m so happy she read my question out, which was, ‘Have you eaten red bean buns before? Do you like them?’ Koe Yeet said the ones Nabil made were so horrible and she had to pretend it was the best red bean buns she has ever tasted. Hahahahahahhaha . Poor Nabil gets it all the time. Sadly, Nabil said he never got to try it during the whole production of Wind Chimes in a Bakery although there were plenty of the buns.

These are made by me!

Brought them home, and shoot some more! ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, I know they’re no where near perfect and probably taste horrible. It’s okay. at least I leveled up in baking Red Bean Bun now. Level 1. Yes!