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What do I really love about the world? The world has the most beautiful things to photograph. Now, didn’t think of that did ya? I really love how every inch of the world has a story to tell. When you snap a photo of the world, the picture tells a story. Best part of looking at photographs is when you have to figure out the story yourself. And each story, tells me what and how much I really love the world, but I just did not realize it.

The best photographers in the world went through dirt and rain to get the best pictures of the world.


The beautiful hills and trees. Every inch of the forest, every molecule of the clouds made the picture so mesmerizing. It’s almost like a fantasy with the dreamy effect as the birds represents freedom and the clouds makes me feel like it’s a dreamland.


Black and white picture seem boring and dull. But it tells us a hell a lot about a picture. The different shades of black and white makes it nostalgic. Using a camera could create such beauty of the world. Don’t you think we ought to keep our beautiful world? Maintain the nature would put a smile on a billion people.


Look at the wonders of nature around you. Go to the nearest beach and this is what you find – The most beautiful sight composed by the colours of blue, turquoise and brown. I love how amazing the photographers could capture the true beauty of the world. Every time I see these pictures, I have an extra reason to love our world.

The world has such beautiful people with meaningful expressions. The pictures just make you stop and think for a while.



We don’t see insects from close range between 1mm to 5mm, photographers can. With their expensive cameras of course. If they never snapped macro shots of the wonderful structures of insects, nature and anything as the matter of fact, we would as empty as a can.




The most creative photographers in the world squeezed their brains, hanged it upside down, turned it inside out just to snap the most mind blasting pictures.


You would think it’s a little blur but creative. I find it beautiful and dreamy. The blurry effect makes the couple not ‘obscene’ and reminds me so much about love.




The photographer would probably waited for hours to snap this. LOL! But don’t you find it meaningful? You wouldn’t think so if the hamster was in real life, doing it. But in a picture, it captured The Moment. The moments of the world when it makes it turns. Beautiful.




Pictures by the people of the world

Now what do I love about Sloggi?


I love the Sloggi’s new Spring 2010 collection

I have pretty good reasons why too! Firstly, the whole collection is eco-friendly and made from 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane for the elasticity. (Of course you need the Elastane! Or else what’s the point of wearing bra and briefs!) Of course, in your mind, you’re thinking.. Polyester – Kills the Earth slowly! Think again.

The polyester comes from 100% recycled plastic bottles!!

Secondly, I find it really cool because I have never heard of any other brand that makes lingerie from plastic bottles. Secondly, while wearing Sloggi’s Love World lingerie, I’d feel so proud for proving my love for the world. (Not showing off to everyone else of course!) I’d feel really proud that I’m actually doing something to save Earth.

Most people think of brown and green and tissue paper-like material when it comes to eco-friendly, but the Love World collection looks just like the ordinary smooth bras and briefs you wear daily! Just more chic. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t seem to find clear pictures of the collection for you but you could see them @ Sloggi. They come in pink, black for those who’d dislike the eco-friendly colour which is yellow green. Despite how much I dislike yellow and green, I don’t mind buying them in that colour! They actually used the perfect shade of yellow green. Besides the eco-friendly collection, Sloggi still maintained their fashionable and comfortable high quality lingerie.

sloggi copy

Nang it!


Your Love is My Drug. Chapter 3

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Breathing hard, she ran. All she wanted to do was to stop time and rethink the whole incident. She ran out of her house towards the big park nearby. When she reached the park, she slowed down and walked towards a huge palm tree. She lied on the freshly cut grass and closed her eyes.

She needed to think. She decided to rethink of all her priorities. She wants him and her friends. God didn’t seem to let her have both. Should she trust her new found love? She finds that he cares more than her friends do. I mean, who cares if she’s in trouble? He does. Her friends has too many other things to worry about.. Okay, one point for boyfriend.Who sees her more often? Oh my, he does. Almost everyday! She gets all the attention she wants. But her friends.. There isn’t just A friend. She has so many friends in school, yet none of them would pay full attention to her.. Another point for boyfriend. But friends know her longer than he does. They know her better. One point for friends. But she could do a lot more with him than her friends. She could learn to do ballroom dancing with him! One point for boyfriend.

She wanted to scream. How could she be so thoughtless! She shouldn’t have pushed him away.. He was too precious yet she almost broke his fragile heart. Her face felt hot and she started to cry. She missed him so badly, she felt cold without him. Especially on her birthday, she felt like committing suicide. Finally, she gathered her courage to call him.

‘Hel.. Hello?’
‘Yeah..?’he said, in a monotonous voice.
Baby, um.. Listen.. I’m sorry.’
‘I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have hurt your feelings.. Can I make it up to you?’
‘……….. How?’
‘I’ll buy you ice cream. We’ll talk about it. Let’s make things right. I miss you..’bxp243433
‘Baskin Robbins in half an hour?’
‘Okay, babe. See you there.’

WOOT!She succeeded her first step. Now for her second step, to make it up to him. 20 minutes later, she arrived at Baskin Robbins to see him sitting there waiting. She quickly bought 2 scoops of mint ice cream and sat next to him on the comfy couch, offering him some mint ice cream. He was dressed in a black sweater with bermuda pants, just chilling. Just seeing his gorgeous face, she felt happier.

‘Sweetheart, I’m sorry. I know I should be more matured. I can’t believed I treated you like that.’
‘So are your friends more important than me?’
‘No. You are. I love you.’
‘I love you too. Promise there won’t be a next time?’
‘Me and you against the world, baby. Remember that.’

She did it, she made things right again. They both smiled at each other and went all corny. They hugged and kissed and finished their favourite ice cream together. They had such a lovely time. Before they went their separate ways, he pulled her against the wall and gave her the most passionate kiss. She never felt so energetic and loved before. They were iseparable. Nobody could break the bond between them. Nobody.

wedding-picture-photo-takemetothelight-sharaffYear end came, and they were to go for his prom. Dressed in a while chiffon tube dress, she looked sweet. He, on the other hand, wore a double breasted suit with shades. Shades. Who wears shades to an indoor event? He was indeed weird. But she cared more about how handsome he looked. She was already imagining herself walking down the aisle and marrying the most beautiful man in the world. He was perfect. Back to reality, the prom was a blast for them. They had lovely dinner and danced together. They didn’t bother socializing and just enjoyed the company of each other. They were the ultimate lovebirds in prom.

But it wasn’t a real happy ending for them both. He was about to go on a long holiday with his family straight after prom. They were fine by it at first. They promised to keep in contact and kept sending emails to update each other.ย  By day 3, they couldn’t take it.

He missed her too much. She missed him too much. They end up fighting. They fought worse than a cat and dog. He was too afraid that she’d cheat on him. As she was so afraid he’d forget her after he comes home. The fight they had was never ending. It wasn’t that they don’t trust each other, they were constantly worried about each other. She wants to see him so badly. Worse of all, she was still working at a clothes store and was being harrassed by her co worker. She was so stressed out, she needed him so badly. She couldn’t stop wondering what he thinks when he’s on his ‘lovely’ holiday.

Day 7 came, she was hoping they would stop fighting and look forward to see him. 3 more days, and he’s home. Day by day, she continued to work hard at the clothes shop. She made so much sales, even customers ask for her during her off days. Of course it didn’t mean she doesn’t care about her beloved boyfriend. She was confident that he loves her and would still be by her side. She couldn’t wait for New Year’s Eve. Her first date at night, with him alone.


This chapter seemed quite..not properly placed. Or maybe it’s just me? Anyway, thanks for the support people! Spread my blog to your friends! (;

Your Love is My Drug. Chapter 2

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On his birthday, they were over at her house, snuggling and watching movie after movie. Then he asked. He asked THE question..


Halfway through a movie, he pressed the pause button and went closer to her.

‘Oh no.. Sex? Please don’t let it be sex.. Don’t ask me for sex..’, she closed her eyes tight and prayed under her breath.

‘Baby, all i need in this world is you’, he whispered with his British accent.z209850321

Oh god, how she loved his British accent. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at his gorgeous honey brown eyes.

‘You have been my hope and my maturity. All i want in this world is you and nothing more. Life to me has no meaning whatsoever if you are not there with me. Life has no meaning to me when i call your name and you’re not there. Babe, I would want you to answer me with all your heart whether you love me. Because i love you and i want you to be my girlfriend.’

He said it with a gentle touch with no rush between sentences. Should she trust him? His sincere soul longs for her love. His empty heart longs for her to take place. She thought hard. She didn’t want to be disappointed again. She wants a lifelong partner. She would be broken hearted to know she was just a fling. But this could be the Ideal One. He was the only guy closest to her ideal man. A sexy man who knows his future. A man who shows her his inner child as well as his maturity. A man who shares his thoughts and philosophies with her and constantly talk to her with interest. A fairly muscular man who is protective yet cares for her feelings. A man who don’t only spoil her but to make her a better person. She was so happy with his beautiful personality.ย  She enjoyed every moment together with him.Thinking back of all the bittersweet memories…

She smiled at him.

He smiled back.

It was that. That simple. Just looking at his sincere smile, she made her decision. She said yes. He was so happy! He jumped up and hugged her. He spinned her in circles while laughing. They were finally an item. Weeks passed, they spent almost every available hour together. They cared about nobody but themselves. When things got in the way, he’d tell her, ‘ it’s you and me, against the world’. Of course, they weren’t perfect humans. They had arguments and they had their first big fight, on her birthday.

She was out with her friends and invited him to come as well. But when he arrived, she started acting weird. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know whether to talk to him or her friends. In the end, she pushed him aside and talked to her friends. He felt it but he asked to leave and just went off without a proper reason. He left her to have fun with her friends. She didn’t care and had her fun with her friends. Back home, she had a talk with him. He sounded pretty angry and hurt.

‘Why were you acting so childish and all..? Do you always do this when you’re with your friends?? Are you trying to impress them? Baby, it’s me and you against the world, why on earth do you want to impress them? They don’t care about you! They won’t appreciate you, but will use you.’

Yes they do! Of course, she dare not say that. She didn’t know much about her friends to be honest. She didn’t know if they really cared. She knew her friends use her. Well, indirectly. But she thought it would impress them. Unfortunately, it didn’t. And it won’t. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t like to argue back. But she felt it wasn’t fair for her.

z194788391‘I’m sorry for acting childish! SORRY for ignoring you..ย  I didn’t think straight. Maybe you’re right.’


‘Okay, you ARE right. I was just.. having some fun. I didn’t know you would be upset.’ Tears rolled down her cheeks. She never heard him scream at her before. She wondered why.

‘Hun, why are you so.. angry?’

‘Because I care. Other people won’t do that. I’m different. I’m Mr Awesome and Mr Awesome loves you.’

‘I love you too,’ she said while giggling.

There was a few seconds of silence before he spoke again.

‘Are your friends more important than me?’

There is was. The second question that made her world stop for a minute. A long minute that was almost equivalent to eternity. 2 years ago, she learnt that she had to value friends more than her boyfriends. She was so dependent on her ex-boyfriend. She was stuck to him like glue. But he has his friends. Of course,it seemed to him that friends came before her so they broke up. Her friends still ignored her and declared she ditched them for a boy. She was devastated. Now, this question.. It was familiar.

‘Is he more important than your friends??’ yelled one of her friends.

‘What, you don’t need to care about us anymore?’ said another.

Now what should she say to her love? What is right and what is wrong? Are boyfriends more important that friends? Is this the end of her so-called lifelong relationship?


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Your Love is My Drug.

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z206998266 She was just standing there, waiting for a stranger at Baskin Robbins, wondering how he would look like. She couldn’t believe she actually agreed to meet up a guy she met over the internet. Well, she wouldn’t have agreed if he was a mutual friend on Facebook. She had many friends in common with him. But never did she ask around about him. She was timid and quite sure he was a safe boy. Dressed in violet empire-cut top with black yoga pants, she couldn’t stand the hot weather. Worse, she had a bad throat. She was getting quite angry but when she turned to walk away, she laid her eyes on a hunk standing outside Guardian, texting with his Iphone. Boy, he is cute. She just stood there looking at him. The tall hunk wore cool shades, a casual T-Shirt and white surfer pants. He looked up and noticed her staring at him dreamily. He showed a little grin and waved at her.

‘Oh shoot! I hope he wasn’t waving at me..’, she whispered to herself.

As he walked up to her, she couldn’t move nor speak. She felt like running away but she just stood there, fiddling with her hair, pretending to look at the Baskin Robbins’ menu.

‘Hey there… Are you’

Oh god. He’s…. He is almost a head and a half taller than her and a lot better looking than her ex-boyfriends. Oh boy, his voice is just so beautiful and so… Melodic.

Cold sweat trickled down her back. This couldn’t be! He looked so different from what she saw on his MSN display picture. She thought ofย  him as a fairly tall and skinny boy in glasses.ย  Was she really flirting with a hunk over MSN? She wanted to meet a matured studious boy. Not another jerk that she came across. This.. Boy. He couldn’t be both poetic and studious as well as hot and flirty.. But she couldn’t resist a hunk. She never could.ย  She gradually became her usual self. Instantly, she forgot her new resolution to change her taste in boys. She forgot how many times she had her heart broken. She wasn’t desperate, but was hoping it heals her broken heart. That was when everything began..

She was so happy spending time with this hunk. She loved how enjoyable their conversations were. She loved watching movies and getting a little touchy with each other. The part when he asked for her number on MSN was unforgetable. She only gave 9 numbers out of 10. He was so determined for her number and tried every possible number..

‘ Umm.. Hello?’, she answered timidly.

‘ Hello? Telephone Company..’ he spoke with a British accent.


Blushing, she put down the phone almost immediately and couldn’t stop smiling when she heard his same melodic voice. She found an angel of her own. She couldn’t stop replaying that scene in her head everyday. Nor did she could wait till Saturday night to MSN with him. Now that she have met him, she couldn’t stop replaying every conversation they had. She was in love.

Weeks later, they were to meet up again to watch a movie. She wore her lovely tube top with jeans, once again, waiting for him at McDonald’s. She was really upset to have to wait for a boy when she was hoping the other way round but when he showed up moments later, she was so mesmerized by him, she forgot how upset she was. There weren’t many choices of movie but they’ve finally decided to watch The Uninvited. She hated horror movies but was quite interested in the movie. She knew it was only a mild horror movie, so she agreed to watch with him. In the cinema, she felt a little chilly. Regretting for not bringing a jacket with her, she went a little closer to him. She didn’t know what he would react. She kept going closer to him and he got the hint. He placed his arm around her. instantly warming her up. His body was hot. Physically. She tried to stop smiling but she was really happy to be in love.

She learnt a lot from this hunk. Turned out, he was a jerk she thought he would be. He told her he was one of the jerks who constantly break girls’ hearts. He was those clubbers who were always up for alcohol. He was the worst jerk she had ever met. She was loosing interest in him but yet, something made her decide to continue hanging out with him. He taught her so much, told her stories just to see her smile.. They both cared nothing but loving each other. Of course, neither of them brought up the subject of themselves as a couple.

On his birthday, they were over at her house, snuggling and watching movie after movie. Then he asked. He asked THE question..


I love you guys! Would continue this fiction story another time, taa. ๐Ÿ˜€ By the way, this is really something I wrote. I didn’t steal it. Nor you guys should steal this.