Mezze Bar & Restaurant, Medan Damansara

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So you and your partner are deciding, hmm . Where to go for dinner? Let’s try something new, she says. And he says, how about we go to Mezze ! Yes, let’s . It’s a casual place , a lil’ fine dine feeling, but comfortable enough for her to dress down a little. No need of those fancy dresses with 5 karat bling blings . Okay, enough with my story telling wannabee moment, back in reality . My first impression towards Mezze was .. Okay, it’s an Italian restaurant , let’s see what it has to offer . But as I looked through the menu , I saw a few items that are inspired from different cultures. You’ll know what I mean when I tell you about the dishes !

Charcuterie Platter (Small : RM44 ; Large : RM69)
The meat loaves, pate and pickled vegetables are all homemade ! The platter is seasonal, so you might get different items each time you order it .

Artichoke Dip (RM25)
I could live with just the dip alone .. So cheesy and creamy but it’s not enough to make you ‘jelak’ , you know ? It’s extremely salty without the crostini but I just love it . It’s simply divine .

Momofuku Pork Belly Rolls (RM21.90)
The name’s cute, it’s served looking like cute stuffed mantaos as well .  A slice of spiced pork belly with pickled cucumber with spring onion sandwiched in steamed flower roll buns and served in a dim sum basket . This restaurant keeps surprising me .. This momo dish is pretty awesome , it’s worth a try, but if you’re not into fusion/Chinese food in a western restaurant, then .. I suggest you skip this . (:

Fried Zucchini
Perfect healthy snack to nibble on ! They’re so addictive, really. . And it keeps you thinking, is it healthy? It’s.. zucchini ! But it’s fried. But it taste so good . So I’m warning ya, it’ll mess with your brain. In a good way . (;

Asian-style Spicy Buffalo Wings (Small : RM26 (1-2pax) ; Big : RM49 (3-4pax))
Chili honey sauce with LOTS of sesame .  They’re tasty, perfect finger food while chatting away with your best girlfriends and bros .(:

Mac & Cheese (RM15)
This is what you call a real Mac & Cheese composing of 4 types of different cheese ! Unlike the uber cheapo way where the sauce is boring orange in colour that taste like cream and cream only .

Chargrilled Spatchcock Chicken (RM36)
When it comes to Western food, I seldom, almost never order chicken. It’s probably because I consume chicken on a daily basis .__. But anyway, I’m in love with their beautifully baked provencal potatoes. The spring chicken taste really good, but I’m not too fond of it.

Lamb Cutlets (RM82)
Served chargrilled and accompanied with lovely cous cous salad and smoked eggplant puree. Although it doesn’t have any unique taste, it’s nice to have good lamb cutlets once in a while, especially during sudden cravings ! 😀

Pavlova of the week (RM25)


Page 2 by Plan B, Publika

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Last Thursday on Merdeka eve, I went for the launch party for Page 2 by Plan B. The BIG Group are expanding and expanding !! :O Anyway, Page 2 is an open air bar with gorgeous decor . Diggin’ the stacked up retro TV . Only 4 of the televisions are turned on , showing a grainy screen with P-A-G-E-2 words.

Sadly, because it was so packed, it was like a man made sauna . Literally .
I tried their FROSTY BEER . OMGHYPERVENTILAING . Imagine, in the man made sauna , you, sitting there sandwiched between your friends, sipping super duper COLD beer, with icy foam . Yes, you heard me, ICY FOAM on top !

Mini lamb pies . Oh, oh , did I mention the awesome fact that the menu is on every table ? 😀

After the awesome launch party, I headed down to Posh Club in Sri Hartamas . That sad place . I swear I thought I stepped into a retro club with karaoke set ups. I mean, look behind me , it’s empty ;_;


Vin’s Restaurant & Bar @ TTDI

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I’m back! For a while, just for a while to tell you about this new gorgeous place at Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, TTDI.




Crumbed Scallops (RM18.90 for 7 pieces)
Fresh juicy sweet breaded pan fried scallops  accompanied with mayo.


Smoked Salmon Bruschetta (RM21 for 6 pieces)
Topped with capers pesto, some pine nuts and a lil lemon. It’s so refreshing and opens your appetite hell a lot!


Sauteed Mushroom Bruschetta (RM16.90 for 6 pieces)
Lovely button and oyster mushrooms, sprinkled with some parmesan and herbs.



Vin’s Chicken Nachos (RM26.90)
Shredded chicken topped with crisp nachos, salsa and cheese. Yummy. 😀


Chicken Tikki Masala (RM18)
In between of the Indian style and the English.


Mediterranean Seafood Pasta (RM27)
Calamari, prawns. Peppers, chili flakes with a hint of white wine. It’s a simple spicy pasta with a great taste.


Spicy Tuna Pizza (RM27)
One of the best selling items. Every bite gives you full satisfaction.


Spicy Lamb Bolognaise (RM26.90)
Spicy bolognaise sauce with minced lamb, fresh herbs and shitake mushrooms. Ooh, I forgot to mention that THEIR PORTIONS ARE RELATIVELY HUGE.


Grilled Salmon (RM35)
Served with spinach ragout.


Steamed treacle sponge cake pudding (RM15)
I am quite sure you’ve never heard of treacle. 😀 Try it out yourself, and you might just like it. (:

Vin’s Restaurant and Bar

6, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.

03-7725 9053


Chinese New Year 2010, Part 2

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At night, we had western food! Which is ALSO not normal to eat in Penang, for me. We went to Sigi’s Bar and Grill on The Beach at Golden Sands Resort. Currently, it’s only open to in house guests, and the launch is on the 18th of February! This particular restaurant is quite big, it has an outdoor and indoor dining areas. Besides that, they have a cool bar that is lit up with blue lights at night! Actually, the whole restaurant is based on blue colour. The place is a little dark which sort of gives this mysterious and romantic ambiance. On the opposite end of the entrance leads you outside to the beach which you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets and enjoy the sea breeze. Outside the entrance has a trail with herbs and flowers at the sides. Overall, this place is such an adventure.





Blue lights, turquoise chairs and tables and lovely ‘lighted paintings’ on the wall.


The long ‘river’ in the middle of the restaurants is still due to constructions though.


The actual place is much darker.. I brighten it up so you could see whats there.


The outdoor dining area. So spacious!


Eastern Sunrise Mocktail
Fresh Guava, Pineapple, Lime, Banana, Mango and Grenadine Syrup
My favourite. It’s slightly sour because of the grenadine. But surprisingly, I didn’t taste any pineapple and banana..


Caesar Salad (RM28)
Crispy Romaine Lettuce, toasted croutons, beef bacon, anchovies, shaved parmesan, and soft poached egg with caesar dressing.
Lovely poached egg, oooh! The parmesan that melts in your mouth and beef bacons. Am I making you drool?



Salt and Pepper Calamari (RM21)
Red Chilli, Coriander, Onion Jam and Nahm jim


Seared Scallops (RM30)
Scallops with green olive tapenade, chive creme, and potato galette
The. Scallops. Are. So. Fresh. And. So. Juicy.. I only had half.. and I want more! It’s just so lovely!


Prawns (RM28)
Marinated in Morrocan Spices, dipping sauce
Eat it without shelling the prawns! It taste so beautiful.. If you shell them, you don’t get to taste the spices anymore. Trust me on this!



Pan-fried Cod (RM65)
With crushed new potatoes, pistachio aioli, and fennel and caper salad
I always loved cod fish.. Juicy fresh cod fish.. Yum. 😀



Braised Oxtail Fettuccine, Parmesan, Broccoli and Basil (RM34 for individual, RM112 for family)
For me, I’d preffer my spaghetti softer.. The oxtail is full of fats. Eek! Not my kind of meal.


Beef Sirloin (RM70)
Char-grilled Australian black angus sirloin steak with hand-cut chips. cafe de paris butter and salad
Don’t order a well done steak.. Order medium or rare. It really makes a difference. Juicer and more tender. Every mouth made me want another piece. It’s that good. RM70 worth of paradise.



Fried Dried Flat Rice Noodle (RM31)
They have a few local items as well like this one! Of course, they are fine dining local food! 😀



Fungi (RM27 for 12″)
Mushrooms, anchovies, olives, and dried oregano
Mushrooms are nice. 😀 Do you like mushrooms? I love mushrooms.. This pizza is just awesome!



Souvlaki (RM29 for 12″)
Shredded lamb, onion, sweet chilli sauce, tomato tabouleh and garlic sauce
The weird part is that they added chilli sauce to make it a little Arabian-ish. Not working for me.. It reminds me of the Ramli burgers..




The Bombe (RM23)
Mango sorbet, white chocolate parfait, Italian meringue, and pine nuts
It seemed to be a weird combination, but a good one.


Chocolate Tarte (RM25)
Like chewing gum tart! Okay, not literally, but its quite chewy, but not too much that makes you tired of eating it. To balance it off, they added a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Meet the chef himself, John Brock.


Family time! 😀 My Aunt, Uncle and mum.


Say hello to baby Neville! He’s about 8 months old now.


Usually we would visit and pray to my grandpa in the morning before lunch.. This time we went in the afternoon.


The sun rays here are so.. SO bright!


Night falls and we had our reunion dinner. We had steamboat as usual! No pictures, I wanted to enjoy the food…. 😀 But I did take pretty pictures of the fireworks we played. We also accidentally lit up an unknown firework and we didn’t stand far away enough nor did we covered our ears.. The cylinder-shaped firework bombed with such a loud sound, our ears were still ringing 2 hours later. ):





Fancy a Top Hat?

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I’m still not feeling very well. What a great way to start school tomorrow.. Everyone would look so lovely and happy except me. *cries. I’m like so lack of attention now. Who am I gonna sit with? It’s so odd to sit in the middle of class alone. -___- I’m like the odd one out in my class. I feel even more odd if I just say hello hello, what’s up?? To those I seldom talk to. O_O Even when I really wish I can talk to them. Ahhhhh!! LOA. ):

Anyway, my cough and sore throat has lowered my photography and taste buds today.. My mum, brother and I had a western and asian lunch at Top Hat @ Jalan Stonor. What a cute road, Jalan Stone-r. Hahaha! Anyway, Top Hat has a really nice ambiance. Lots of antiques, wood furniture and lovely collection of china and statues etc. Only warning from me is.. STAY AWAY FROM THE GARDEN. ): I went outside to take the photographs.. 3 mosquitoes landed on my arm. Another 5 on my legs. And…. *closes mouth. I shan’t say anymore. Its very unpleasant, that’s all. Wonder why they bothered growing the lemon grass since it became the mosquitoes’ habitat. ):


Wine Bar.


Private Room.


Smaller Dining Area.


Bigger Dining Area.


Portobello Mushroom Soup (RM30)
Lovely. Beats the Campbell mushroom soup a million times.


Homemade Chicken Satay (RM18)
6 sticks of chicken satay. For RM18? I’d rather get the lamb satay from hawker stalls.. Oh well, its fine dining.



Signature Top Hats (RM10)
Pai Tee served with homemade sweet and sour chilli sauce
The top hats really look like top hats. Except they’re not black.. It’s not too soggy, nor too dry. It’s crispy even after exposed to room temperature for quite some time. Really good stuff.



Traditional Eurasian Platter (RM49)
Cashew nut buttered rice served with (clockwise) deep fried white bait, seafood satay on sugar cane stick, acar, brocollis, mushroom and carrot in light oyster sauce, Devil chicken curry, and Lamb semur with sliced potatoes.
Sadly I couldn’t try this because of my terrible sore throat.. ):


Deep fried white bait, Seafood satay on sugar cane stick and the cashew nut buttered rice.





Signature Chicken and Mushroom Pie (RM30)
The pie is lovely. But still not there.. It’s almost ordinary to me. Not exciting at all.



Linguine Aglio Olio (RM30)
Perfect for vegetarians. This is quite lovely. Typically because I love mushrooms so much. A little bit creamy though.


Nyonya Laksa (RM28)
I couldn’t try this, but my mum finished her portion. Usually she doesn’t… Apparently, both my mother and brother loved it. Too bad I couldn’t try it! ):




Char Grilled Lamb Rack (RM75)
Served with redcurrant sauce, mushroom ragouts and sweet potato paste.
The lamb is a little too well done. I love my lamb to be rare, or at least medium rare. Te redcurrant is tasty and not too sweet. It goes lovely with the lamb.




Signature Tiramisu Cake (RM16)
Hot Chocolat‘s tiramisu is more moist and lovelier! AND! It’s cheaper by 10 cents.




Warm Chocolate Pudding (RM16)
Served with homemade orange ice cream and sesame wafer.
A chocolate lover’s dessert.