Flower Buns, anyone?

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It was a bright and sunny Saturday. I didn’t sleep very well due to my week old cough. Despite my lack of sleep, I freshened up and waited for SIdney to pick me up.┬áThe whole bunch of us went to At 19 Culinary to learn how to bake red bean buns! It was relatively easy for us to locate the venue because Samsung put up banners like these to guide us to the house.

Nobody would have guessed it is actually a house (If you aren’t familiar with this area, of course) I carpooled with Sidney today. When we arrived, most of the bloggers were there already! (: We had to quickly write a question to ask the stars (Adam and Sue from the short film) later onward.

Wind Chimes in a Bakery is all about never giving up on your dreams. So I decided to wear my dream catcher necklace. Just a lil’ something to show that I understood the short film, you know?

We were told to split up into groups of fives and go to our stations. I teamed up with Shakiddo, Ah Bok, Anna and Sidney. The ingredients were already measured and placed in different bowls.

After the MC introduced the stars, Nabil and Koe Yeet (Adam and Sue), she passed it to our teacher! Teacher: Okay, I’ve already prepared the recipe, it’s on your station tables *Everyone searching for the recipe PAPER* Turns out that the recipe was actually in the photo gallery in the Samsung Galaxy S4s they placed on the station table. Gee, I knew that. I mean, yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Pft.

Everyone understood why there were 2 Samsung S4s nicely placed on our station tables after that. Definitely not just for decoration or advertising purposes… (Or maybe most of us were pretty blur on a Saturday morning)

Team work! Managed to catch a photo of Ah Bok and Anna sieving the flour and stirring it before taking over the sieving job .

After that, she taught us the later parts of the recipe. Sadly, I didn’t catch our teacher’s name .. Shall go find out later. ­čśŤ

Koe Yeet weighed the dough and separated the hug bowl of dough into tiny ones of 65g, while Nabil rolled. And rolled. And rolled the dough for the some of us and himself. After that, our lovely teacher taught us how to cut them to shape them like flowers and all.

Nabil and Koe Yeet were pretty naughty, playing with the dusting flour and all.


After we all made our buns, we placed them on the tray and went inside to watch the 4 episodes of the short film (3rd time for me, LOL).

Yukiko, Ashley and me. When we were watching the film, excited Koe Yeet shared with us some Behind-the-scenes stories. She was really entertaining and hillarious. Poor Nabil had to take in a lot of embarrassment. After watching the 4 episodes, the MC asked the stars some of the questions we wrote down earlier.

I’m so happy she read my question out, which was, ‘Have you eaten red bean buns before? Do you like them?’ Koe Yeet said the ones Nabil made were so horrible and she had to pretend it was the best red bean buns she has ever tasted. Hahahahahahhaha . Poor Nabil gets it all the time. Sadly, Nabil said he never got to try it during the whole production of Wind Chimes in a Bakery although there were plenty of the buns.

These are made by me!

Brought them home, and shoot some more! ­čśÇ

Okay, I know they’re no where near perfect and probably taste horrible. It’s okay. at least I leveled up in baking Red Bean Bun now. Level 1. Yes!

Animated Photo aka Cinemagraphs aka GIF

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Hey guys! How’s your Thursday? (:

Out of the 12 modes, my favourite has got to be the Animated photo mode. You can call it the gif maker if you want . ­čśŤ

All you gotta do is to click the capture button… (HOLD REALLY STILL, Or at least rest your elbows on something, or someone)

It will capture up to 5 seconds maximum, but here’s a lil’ tip from me, don’t go more than 3 seconds!
Why? Because if you want to upload it on blogs/tumblr/photobucket and etc, you would want your GIF file to be as small as possible, so it will load faster! (:
Also, it’s way easier to edit later.

After you’re contented with the video, press the capture button again! It will show this screen, so wait a while. (:

Alright! Now we have a gif file ! (If you stay really put and only 1 subject is moving, the whole picture would look a little darker. Explaining it in the next photo)

You can use your finger and rub off the parts where you want to freeze (Or animate) The darker coloured parts would be the frozen image.
Tip: To make really cool/creepy cinemagraphs, select the most unusual subject to move. I’mma share some really cool cinemagraphs later for inspiration! (:

My mum was helping me, as I snapped the photograph. So she just doodled it a lil..
Can you see the interface?
Top: Undo, Redo, Animate, Freeze, Cancel and Save
Bottom: Trim, Direction

Trimming is to cut your video shorter, or select only certain frames of the video you have captured.

This is how you want your gif to look, how it loops, actually. Back and forth, forward, or backward.

Thanks mummy dearest for her beautiful hands.


I took a few cinemagraphs today, I was pretty nervous for my presentation..

Yes, I suck at drawing, and my words aren’t very pretty or neat.

This was pretty funny. Hehh. Mich was writing for everyone’s storyboards and Bryan was just fooling around behind her.

Go over to┬áAnnstreetStudio┬áto look at amazing cinemagraphs! Maybe that’ll inspire you to make great ones of your own (:


The little things that count

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Thanks to Donovan Chan from Manoah and Samsung Malaysia, I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

I really love the box that contains the phone itself . Not saying that I prefer it over the phone, don’t get me wrong. LOL, that’s be so ridiculous – Buying Samsung S4 because of the box, not the phone.
You rarely see a wooden phone box .. Or maybe I seldom buy phones. Lol. But the previous Samsung phones I bought (S1 and S2) came in normal hard cardboard boxes.
Beautiful little touch here, using a wooden box.

Upon opening the box, hunting for the USB cable and charger, Everything was in brown paper, not the usual white glossy paper. I actually find it nicer looking. Besides, not many people read the manual.. At least, I don’t. I would usually Google my problems. (Lazy Syndrome)

Look! Almost everything is wrapped in the recycle paper instead of the irritating black pokey wire and plenty of plastic bags.

Enough raving over my new S4 for now, I’ll brag more soon. :3

What else have I been doing lately?
Assignments.. Minecraft .

What a romantic/dangerous pool I have here.

An awesome cover on the new song by Daft Punk . Honestly, I don’t really like it compared to their old songs. This cover changes everything though.


I’m ready for S4!

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Awal Ashaari and Prem . Prem was just there at Stage KL last night for the CLEO Bachelor Finals, and here he is again ! Hardworking man . :O

Awal Ashaari and Liyana Jasmay with the new S4 !

This guy here looks so amazing with his violin . I tried to google the name of the violin , kinda failed to do so .. /:

Apart from the amazing violin performance, they had a flash mob too . Awesome upbeat moves that made me feel like dancing with them !


Having some fun with the phone .

Looks so sleek, doesn’t it? Just for RM2,199 .. You can have it . :O
Or you can sign up for plans like these !
Digi, Maxis, U-Mobile 


They have this group play feature .. Damn, I couldn’t open it on the phone though . It’s amazing . Imagine if your car radio broke down but 3 of your friends and you have an S4 . Omg , you can just play music┬ásimultaneously┬áand voila ! A ‘make-shift’ hi-fi system . ­čśŤ You get the picture .. (:

I love the dual camera feature . So friggin awesome . This way, we can see the photographer and the photograph ! We’ll remember whose the one taking the shots too ­čśŤ

Camwhoreeeeeee. ;3

They have this other feature which is Sound & Shot that I love very much. Uber cool feature. A photograph with sounds. We had (and still have) gifs , now with sounds .. :O WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR ??

Really wish I could get an S4 in a few months or so . I prefer it over the S3 . Really ._. And it’s about time I upgrade from my S2 . )):

Click HERE for more details of the phone .


I’m ready ! I’m ready !!

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I went to Jaya One last Friday for class (I study in IACT, if you guys are wondering ‘CLASS?!?’) . I wanted to go a little bit earlier, like. 11.40am . But scum bag taxi man gave me hell . ┬áBut at least he was nice, he reduced the price a little because it was his fault for turning the wrong way.. And I don’t know why I wasn’t paying attention . Probablybecause I was really really excited to catch the Samsung S4 roadshow .. LOL . I didn’t know what the roadshow was gonna be like .

I saw violinists .. Then was thinking to myself , ‘WHERE’S THE CELLO PLAYER?’ Then he came walking pass Starbucks , and sat on his royalty chair in the between Starbucks and Brussels . The sort-of-stage.

Then came 4 Acapella singers .. Singing about ‘Are you ready for S4?’ Something like that, Kinda forgot the tune .. Head over to Yuki’s blog to check out the video ! She video-ed them in one of their roadshows.

So are you ready for Samsung Galaxy S4??


Karmun and Aris were there too . Check out Karmun’s blog !


After the show , I headed off to class . Here’s a picture of us 3 girls . :3 Gosh, how I miss college ..