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This was my first time stepping on Sri Hartamas grounds. Seriously! Mum and I were at Samsaraa in Sri Hartamas for lunch. First thing I noticed about the area was many foreigners around. Second thing was that it seemed quiet slash lively. Okay, back to the restaurant, it’s a very new restaurant. That’s the first. For a new restaurant, they’re doing quite well with their really interesting food.



Samsaraa has a modern retro interior which looks really cool and comfy to have a hearty meal.





Oh, by the way! Just for your information, the paintings on the wall are for sale! Painted by a local artist, the paintings are modern and simple. So remember it’s for sale if you want it. đŸ˜€


The 3 owners – The Harith Iskandar (The Chalk Board. Ha.Ha.), Jezamine Lim on the left and Gail Maryanne James on the right. Lovely ladies they are, they are really attentive and knows what they are doing.


Each table has a cup of chrysanthemum which obviously attracted me.



Jezamine making her health juices.


Super Skin (RM10)
Cucumber, carrot and tomato juice
I was at first very skeptical when I heard vegetable and fruit juice. Of course, when I ordered, I didn’t know what was the contents. I really think they ought to put what the contents are in case of customers’ allergy or dislikes. Anyway, when the drink came, I was 110% skeptical. It was a mixture of green and dark orange. OMG, I was almost regretting because I think it looks like spinach. SO, when I took a sip.. Wow, I feel pretty already. MMM… Little bits of crunchy fruit/vegetable with a really sweet taste. Jezamine said there were no sugar contents in her health drinks, so it’s really healthy!


Cholesterol Buster and Super Breath (RM10 each)
Cholesterol Buster: Apple, celery and cucumber
Super Breath : Apple, carrot and cucumber



Clear Water Caesar Salad (RM12.90)
Crisp romaine lettuce, capsicum, sliced beef, croutons, and Parmesan cheese tossed with Caesar dressing
I love their croutons. I love the Parmesan cheese and sliced beef. It’s just a simple ordinary salad, but there is nothing else about it that I dislike.



Creamy Pumpkin And Carrot (RM8.90)
Served with croutons
I never liked pumpkin, but this was alright. It’s really creamy and thick, but it’s quite alright.


Tomato Creamy Soup (RM7.90)
Served with croutons
It’s sour, but not too creamy. Just right for a sour puss like me. Hahaha.


Harith’s Roasted Chicken (RM14.90)
Served with mashed sweet potatoes, pan-fried vegetables and Harith’s kampung sauce
The roast chicken taste great and even more wonderful with the kampung sauce (passed down from Harith’s grandmother). The mashed sweet potatoes were a little odd to me though.


Western Roasted Chicken (RM14.90)
Served with black pepper sauce, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and corn
Nothing extraordinary to me. Of course, it taste 200 times better than my school’s RM3 chicken chop with black pepper sauce.


Thai Roasted Chicken (RM14.90)
Served with marinated with coriander and lemongrass and served with a sweet, fruity sauce made with mango, galangal and lemongrass
I don’t really like it cause everything is sweet.. I know that Thai use lots of sugar and all, but we’re in Malaysia, maybe suiting the Malaysian taste buds would be better, especially when the dish isn’t too spicy (sugar helps ‘cure’ spicyness).



Beef Lasagna (RM16.90)
Layers of lasagna and brinjal, served with extra bolognese sauce and cream with lots of cheese on top.
Weird that it has brinjal inside the lasagna, but doesn’t really affect the whole thing. It makes you feel like as if you were eating the spinach lasagna.



Harith’s Mango Cheesecake (RM12.90)
I’ve never tried a good mango cheesecake before, this one was just lovely. The base of the cake wasn’t hard. Instead, it sort of melts metaphorically into your mouth along with the sweet mango bits and cake.



The 3 layers of the mango cheesecake. I have a feeling you could even taste it through the picture.


Chocolate Cake (RM8.90)
A must try dessert! Make sure you eat if fast before the air conditioner cools it down!



11 Jalan Sri Hartamas 7
Taman Sri Hartamas

Tel: 03-6201 5907

Nang it!