New App to Explore!

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Yuki told me about this new app in PLAY Store for Samsung Users out there. It’s only in Beta stage but it seems pretty promising.

I love their super hipster welcome screen and side menu.

So here’s what the app is about..

1. They recommend you sweet apps (Including reviews) that they think might suit you.

2. They tell you about the sweetest discounts and deals you can get (easily!)

Well, that’s all that I’ve explored so far.. I know they great rewards and exclusive contents from experts, but I’ve yet to see them yet. And their suggestions are pretty darn accurate. I have no idea how they would have guessed that I’m a taxi kind of person.. Or maybe it’s a lucky guess… Hmmmmm …

Anyway, I’m gonna hang on to this app for a couple weeks and see what it can do for me.

Till the next entry! (:

Arrival of Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite!

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Yesh, Yuki dropped by a week ago to pass me the Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite! Gosh, what a mouthful, let’s just call it ATIV 9 in this post to make things easier, yeah?

Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting!

This is my first time experiencing Windows 8 too, so I’m a lil’ jakun about this. Everything looks so cool.

Took me quite a while to understand how it works.. I love the concept and all, but sigh, all the complications.. As much as I love this tiny laptop, I would prefer it with Windows 7.

The first thing I HAD to do what to try out the side sync function. It’s one of the coolest functions because people like me, once I’m on my laptop, I would never touch my phone. Or rather… I can’t hear my phone, I don’t check my phone. Now that it’s like a ‘program’ on my windows, I’ll tend to remember to check my phone for messages more often.. Heh.

It’s not that complicated to do that, don’t worry. You need to install 2 apps on your phone first though!

1. Look for the Samsung Apps
2. Search up SideSync and Phone Screen Sharing and install the two apps.

Next, look for the SideSync (All the way to the right side under Samsung Apps which made life easier for us all.)

You can connect your phone and ATIV Book 9 via USB or WIFI. I’d prefer using the USB, at least it charges my phone too.
So, connect your phone via USB and start up the side sinc for both the phone and laptop.
When you hit this menu, select phone screen sharing and open the same app on your phone and hit start!

JENG JENG JENG…. I was hyperventilating when I saw this. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

Ain’t that difficult to predict the very first app I’d want to try. PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2. I JUST HAD TO!

It has that little delay, but I don’t think it really affects anything. Anyway, it’s way way more fun playing PVZ 2 on your phone but it’s kinda cool that it’s possible to play it via your laptop. :3

Oh, if you find it too small for your liking, especially when reading text messages, ENLARGE IT. Whoa, supersized phone. Awesome.
I’ve not reached the best part yet! You can type on your keyboard to reply texts and etc. Arghhhhh ! Texting can never be faster.

Next, I would want to test a few games on this laptop. For such a lightweight mini laptop, I wonder what games can it handle..

Till the next entry! 😀

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Launch @ DPAC, Empire Damansara

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While walking towards DPAC, I saw this. What a rare sight! Empire Damansara is actually still under construction, and as far as I can see, DPAC is the only thing that’s open here. Apparently it’s been here for about a year already ! :O

When I arrived, I saw a few men putting these up. It’s kind of like the floating umbrellas in Portugal. Probably the same concept. Pretty lovely, huh?

At the entrance of DPAC, there’s prettily arranged light bulbs above that spells out DPAC.

They have this ADORABLE giraffe on display. It’s impossible to miss it when you step into DPAC. It’s almost as tall as me .

LOOK AT THAT FACE and it’s shiny metallic eyes..

Reminds me of the PIXAR lamp but an oversized bright orange version.

During the launch, Kwon Jae Hoon, the Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics spoke English perfectly, with his Korean accent of course. He talked about how Malaysians preferred notebooks that has powerful multitasking abilities AND easy mobility.

To cut things short, let me tell you the KEY POINTS of this wonderful gadget, well explained in layman’s terms.

*128GB Solid Sate Drive (SSD)
With SSD, enables you to start up your notebook in 8 seconds!

*Quad-Core Processor & AMD Radeon HD 8250 Graphics
Well, it’s not meant for heavy gaming (Battlefield 3, Fallout New Vegas or Alan Wake is out of the question here), but it’s enough to handle Adobe softwares and other design/audio/film softwares. It’s a LITE notebook, meant for you to bring it around at ease. With a fast processor and a decent graphics card is good to go! (:


Let this video explain it all. It’s so damn cool, I tell you. It’s so perfect for people like me, once you’re on your computer, you forget about your phone. I always have the tendency to ignore messages and sometimes phone calls when I’m on my laptop ….. Hehe.. (^_^)ゞ

*180 degrees position

Yes, you can do that with this notebook.

*Light weight
At a whopping 1.44kg (1.58kg for touch screen), carrying this around wouldn’t be much of a problem unlike my 4kg gaming laptop. Besides, it’s only 13.3 inch, girls can totally fit this into their big bags with no problems at all.

The speakers in at the back of the laptop (Trololol, it took me and Sandy a while to figure out where the speakers were..) Since the notebook is designed slightly concave at the bottom, the quality of the speakers isn’t affected at all. In fact, for a tiny notebook, it’s as loud as my current laptop! :O
SoundAlive is an audio tech that automatically adjusts to sound quality by analyzing the source. So when you switch to drum and bass from jazz, your speakers adjust it to the way it’s meant to be heard. (I hope I’m not confusing you)


Battery Life?
8 hours of prolonged usage

Marble White – Non-touch screen
Mineral Ash Black – With touch screen

Marble White – RM1,999
Mineral Ash Black – RM2,399
(Retail Price)

More details?
Click here!

Other cool factors?
The screen is protected with a layer of Gorilla Glass, has only 2 USB ports and huge trackpad with ample of palm space.

Goodness, I can never get the dual camera function right. Either I look bad or the main photograph looks bad.

I didn’t bother taking many good shots of the laptop. You can get a way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyyy better photos of them on Samsung’s website.

But dayum, son ! Look at how thin it is!

The edge of the laptop almost as thin as my phone.

I’mma end my blog post with two really adorable commercials for this notebook . You HAVE to watch it ! 😀

Flower Buns, anyone?

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It was a bright and sunny Saturday. I didn’t sleep very well due to my week old cough. Despite my lack of sleep, I freshened up and waited for SIdney to pick me up. The whole bunch of us went to At 19 Culinary to learn how to bake red bean buns! It was relatively easy for us to locate the venue because Samsung put up banners like these to guide us to the house.

Nobody would have guessed it is actually a house (If you aren’t familiar with this area, of course) I carpooled with Sidney today. When we arrived, most of the bloggers were there already! (: We had to quickly write a question to ask the stars (Adam and Sue from the short film) later onward.

Wind Chimes in a Bakery is all about never giving up on your dreams. So I decided to wear my dream catcher necklace. Just a lil’ something to show that I understood the short film, you know?

We were told to split up into groups of fives and go to our stations. I teamed up with Shakiddo, Ah Bok, Anna and Sidney. The ingredients were already measured and placed in different bowls.

After the MC introduced the stars, Nabil and Koe Yeet (Adam and Sue), she passed it to our teacher! Teacher: Okay, I’ve already prepared the recipe, it’s on your station tables *Everyone searching for the recipe PAPER* Turns out that the recipe was actually in the photo gallery in the Samsung Galaxy S4s they placed on the station table. Gee, I knew that. I mean, yeah. Why wouldn’t I? Pft.

Everyone understood why there were 2 Samsung S4s nicely placed on our station tables after that. Definitely not just for decoration or advertising purposes… (Or maybe most of us were pretty blur on a Saturday morning)

Team work! Managed to catch a photo of Ah Bok and Anna sieving the flour and stirring it before taking over the sieving job .

After that, she taught us the later parts of the recipe. Sadly, I didn’t catch our teacher’s name .. Shall go find out later. 😛

Koe Yeet weighed the dough and separated the hug bowl of dough into tiny ones of 65g, while Nabil rolled. And rolled. And rolled the dough for the some of us and himself. After that, our lovely teacher taught us how to cut them to shape them like flowers and all.

Nabil and Koe Yeet were pretty naughty, playing with the dusting flour and all.


After we all made our buns, we placed them on the tray and went inside to watch the 4 episodes of the short film (3rd time for me, LOL).

Yukiko, Ashley and me. When we were watching the film, excited Koe Yeet shared with us some Behind-the-scenes stories. She was really entertaining and hillarious. Poor Nabil had to take in a lot of embarrassment. After watching the 4 episodes, the MC asked the stars some of the questions we wrote down earlier.

I’m so happy she read my question out, which was, ‘Have you eaten red bean buns before? Do you like them?’ Koe Yeet said the ones Nabil made were so horrible and she had to pretend it was the best red bean buns she has ever tasted. Hahahahahahhaha . Poor Nabil gets it all the time. Sadly, Nabil said he never got to try it during the whole production of Wind Chimes in a Bakery although there were plenty of the buns.

These are made by me!

Brought them home, and shoot some more! 😀

Okay, I know they’re no where near perfect and probably taste horrible. It’s okay. at least I leveled up in baking Red Bean Bun now. Level 1. Yes!

Samsung Get-To-Know-The-Bloggers Gathering

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Heyho! Last night, I attended a lil’ gathering at The Pool hosted by Don from Manoah Consultancy and Samsung. Aris and Karmun picked me up at about 6 something and we got lost.. So we reached at about 8pm. I’m so thankful for Aris and Karmun for the car rides to all of these events. Lots of love to them from me.

Don gave a few words, explaining to us about what this gathering is for.

While queuing up to get some food, camwhored a lil’ with Joanna. The queue was so long!

The salad was the best among the other stuff (Also the first to finish on the buffet line). Then again, how wrong can you go with salad right? The soup was a lil weird.. I finished everything except the soup.

We got to know some of the Samsung people after dinner, it was a lil’ difficult to hear each other though due to the blasting music but we managed.

With Michelle Chow
I believe it’s our first picture together!

Mike Yip bought some tequila shots, Julie and I played 5,10, 15 and 20. Hahhhh . She lost to me so badddd. 😛

Zana, Karmun, Julie and me.
Photograph by Mike Yip

Poor Jyurimay. 😛
When she sat next to me earlier, I self introduced to her. AGAIN. So embarrassing, but you can’t blame me.. She cut and dyed her hair. She has brown wavy hair with bangs now, I couldn’t recognise her. :O She looks really pretty with this hairstyle though!


I lost once, she lost to me 5 times. Lucky me! (: So in total, I had 2 and Julie had 6! Hahhh!


Ashley and I had a lot of fun at the photo booth too. Except that we had 10 seconds to think of a new pose, we were pretty stuck for 10 seconds. Too hungry, brain ain’t functioning.

A 4GB Samsung USB Wristband. 4GB. I meant it. It’s 4 bloody GB. DAYUM . I’m a happy girl.

Ohh! And I got this mini portable speaker from the party too! It’s actually good quality ! :O

Don’t freak out! It’s a fake lip ring. But it does give that Sudden Bad Ass feel to it. I usually use it as an ear cuff instead though, and speaking of ear cuffs, I lost my silver one at the Samsung party. ;_; The fan was blowing so, so hard, I kept having to push my hair behind my ear from time to time, I guess it fell off somewhere when I pushed my hair back. Sigh.