8 reasons to say yes to Reebonz

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1. Online boutique for luxury brands.

Chanel, Mulberry, Loewe, Coach, Kate Spade… You name it.

2. Sale Events

They have plenty of clearance sales going on for 2-3 days.
Having these sale events keeps me coming back to them to check out new great deals every few days!

3. Mobile App

With their app, you’re able to get daily sale alerts and shop anytime anywhere. Yay!
This makes my life way easier to check out their stuff when I’m not on my laptop.
Purchases are uber fast with the app too. It’s definitely a plus point.

Download the app here!

4. 100% Aunthentic Bags

Why do I trust them? Well, there are plenty of reviews and articles about Reebonz. No kidding! And I’m not only talking about nationwide but in Asia… And Australia!
I have two friends in Singapore who are loyal customers to Reebonz, they know how to differentiate a Prada and a Frada very well, products from Reebonz are definitely authentic. #justsaying

5.Fast Delivery

Well, I mentioned how fast you can purchase a product. So is the delivery! Well, you can’t get it as fast as you purchase though. Teehee

6. Free shipping!

Yay!! Also, goods come with a 14 day return policy. Now isn’t that just fabulous?

7. 0% credit card instalment payment plans!

Paying via credit card is easy. But usually you need to pay a certain %. Right? Nope, not with Reebonz!

8. Presentation

Honestly, appearance is important to me. I love the website. It’s simple, classy and elegant.

Clean white background with black font. Not to mention, the layout of the website is so neat, easily accessible and sweet.

Apart from the website, goods are delivered in a luxurious black box with their signature gold ribbon adding a little touch of class when you receive your product. It’s a beautiful box, so if you’re buying a gift for someone, giving it in a Reebonz box would be really nice.

Want to know more ? Of course you do, honey. Click here to sign up (AND GET RM78 Reebonz credits! YAY!)
Ohh! You will stand a chance to win up 100 Reebonz Credits by signing up via the link above ! (;


Psst: Are you a shop-a-holic? If you have plenty of luxury items that you do not use anymore, check out this page right here!

Shoppin’ Friday

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Hey guys ! Today’s my last day of class for this semester ! So, Chloe and I went out for a lil’ window shopping at Midvalley . Gosh, I really hate the jams in MV . AND IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND PARKING . Surprisingly, we found a slot within 5 minutes from entering .. Awesome :3

This was taken few days ago at Payless, Paradigm Mall .. My favourite kind of shoe shop ! It’s so much easier weih .. They categorize them by sizes . So you don’t have to roam around the whole shop or wait for the staff to bring out the shoes of your size.

Camwhore in class with my lil shortie , Szen Cheam .

Chloe and I tried on this gorgeous dress from Miss Selfridge . It’s about RM360+ ! It looks uber cool . Chloe says it’s super edgy . Isn’t it just so beautiful ?

Chloe, holding the MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OF SHOES EVER . FROM FOREVER 21 . I’m gonna go see if they have them in One Utama outlet . I really want to get them . They’re so comfortable cause the insides are super fluffy, super soft ! It’ll be perfect for a day out with loads of walking .

This shoe’s from Aldo . So pretty !

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino and Toffee Nut Late.
We both preffered the peppermint . So refreshing after a few hours of shopping !


Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie, Tropicana City Mall

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There’s a new Secret Recipe in Tropicana City Mall, and this outlet is a special one . Unique and extremely different from the other Secret Recipe outlets . It’s a vegetarian Secret Recipe ! Woohoo ! Time to put away our worries about where to go for a nice yummy vegetarian meal. This is definitely on my Vegetarian Restaurant list .

Mushroom on Toasted Bruschetta (RM9.9)
The bread is crispy on the outside and hot and soft inside, topped with juicy mushroom and peppers.

Fruits Salad with homemade rojak sauce (RM9.9)
I don’t usually eat rojak .. I almost never do .. But my mum was tempting me, she said the sauce was really good . So I did tried . I took the green looking objects of course , which was the cucumbers and kedondongs (Afraid and prejudice on pineapples) . And guess what, THE ROJAK SAUCE ROCKS ! So peanut-y and thick . Oh yummy ..

Rainbow organic Veggie Roll (RM7.9)
Beautifully done . It’s just so refreshing and topped with the pumpkin floss on top, it’s just so amazing.

So colourful ! Refreshing and very very yummy too . (:

Fragrant mahagony sauce tofu (RM16.9)
This is so addictive , I couldn’t stop taking more of the mushrooms and vegetarian crisps. There’s a slight hint of ginger and a little bit hot from the chili and black pepper.

Stir fried lion’s mane mushroom in spicy Portuguese sauce (RM18.9)

Sesame Spaghetti with bean curd roll cutlet (RM16.9)
The combination is so good . Besides, the snow peas and asparagus were so juicy, you can hear the crunch on every bite . I wished they chopped up the asparagus though , it’s a bit too long .

Pesto and Mushroom Pizza (S: RM16.9 , B:RM25.9) 

Jade Roll (RM16.9)
Carrot and celery wrapped in fu chok I believe ? It’s really nice to chew on . I’d definitely order this for tea time snacks .

Oyster Mushroom in Exotic Mango Sauce (RM18.9)
Shredded sour young mango (YUM), flavourful oyster mushrooms accompanied with grounded nuts . Heavenly .

Red Yeast Fried Rice (RM13.9)

Macadamia Cheese Cake
I love anything cheesy and this is just so gorgeous ! Except , I don’t like how the caramel on top overkilled the smooth plain cheese cake . I’m a sucker for plain stuff sometimes .. But it’s really nice . Especially for those who loveee caramel . (:

Pistachio Cream Cake
A very light cake , fluffy and creamy with bits of pistachio in between layers .

Chocolate Mocha
Nothing special , just like the ones you can get in the normal Secret Recipe .

The cakes in this particular Secret Recipe are eggless , so feel free to purchase them if you’re a vegetarian who love cakes ! (:

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie
Tropicana City Mall

03-7722 1680


Ode To Liberty

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HELLO ! It’s been what, 2 months? Oh my . I’mma do a really short post now .. To kick start my passion for blogging, again . (:

I’mma tell you about this awesome blog .


First click , I thought it was some US fashion website . But nohhhhh, it’s Malaysian. So professionally done . LIKE ! They also have their blog , http://blog.odetoliberty.com which has quite a number of interesting posts. Go check it out!


And the best part is their shop . http://www.odetoliberty.com/shop


*day dreams*

Warning though, their stuff aren’t cheap. Their items are classy , detailed and very unique . It’s like shopping in Pavilion but online . They have a wide range of items from clothes to shoes to bags. When you click on an item, it sends you to a page with the photograph where you can move the cursor around to take a closer view. And they included a few photos of the same item. Awesome!