Today’s Playlist

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Hey there , I’mma share some of my current favourite songs . (: Enjoyy .

Youth – Daughter

World To Turn – Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge feat. Gabriela

How to Be a Heartbreaker – Marina and The Diamonds

Venom (Original Mix) – Grube & Hovsepian feat. Tiffany Johnston

Where to go for Ramadan 2012 ?

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kitchen art

Go to Kitchen Art, Empire Hotel for their gearbox soup !
Holy moly, the size of those things would just blow you away!
RM86++ per person

one world

Cinnamon Cafe, One World Hotel for their fabulous tender roast lamb !
I was there photographing everything else because I saw a crowd at the roast lamb stall . Walked around to take other photographs and poof! 10 minutes late to photograph the roast lamb, and oh my goodness, it’s already gone. Finished by the in house guests!
Budget : RM100 – 120 per person

sunway putra

Try Coffee House, Sunway Putra Hotel for their special nasi ambeng !
Bet you don’t know what’s nasi ambeng .. It’s actually a special Jawa dish symbolising luck !
RM88++ per person


Go to KGPA for their wide selection of noodles ! Of assam laksa, curry mee and mee soto!
RM58 per person


For some super spicy balitong and an evening with Celebrity Chef Jaafar Onn singing to you , head over to Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency KL !
The balitong is really some super duper spicy good stuff . About the singing … Well , I ain’t a fan .
RM80++ per person


Lastly, head down to Iketeru, Hilton KL for their special muhibbah bento set !
This is a special one . And probably the only Japanese restaurant to have a special Ramadan promotion for those non-Muslims ! (:
RM120++ per set


Seoul Good Promotion, One World Hotel

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HELLO! It’s a fly day and I didn’t go to school. (youdidn’tneedtoknowthat, butohwell.) Anyway, I had dinner at Cinnamon, One World Hotel today, with my lovely mum. They’re having a Seoul Good Promotion aka KOREAN FOOD, BABEH! It’s part of a buffet, so everyone could have what they feel like having. Especially with big families.. You know, the grandparents want authentic traditional food, parents want classy food, kids want junkie food.. Etc. And, you get to taste the Korean food! This is a short and simple post, but hope its worth it. 😀


I saw it before I went into Cinnamon, and ate dinner.. And I saw it again after dinner. I’d like to think it’s been there for the whole night. 😀 It seems more magical. Haha.


They played the drums and all. It was loud, but it was good. 😀 Full of energy.



The 2 Guest Chefs


The translator, Joo Bin, and Dato’ Teo Chiang Hong in the middle.



Salmon Salad


Kim Chi


Korean Desserts.


The ultra not-in-my-best me and the translator. She’s so cute.

Buffet Lunch (Mon- Fri)
RM72++ for adults
RM36++ for children (4-12 yrs old)

Buffet Dinner (Mon to Sun)
Rm85++ for adults
RM43++ for children (4-12 yrs old)

Cinammon, One World Hotel

First Avenue
BU City Centre


Love the World & Love Sloggi!

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What do I really love about the world? The world has the most beautiful things to photograph. Now, didn’t think of that did ya? I really love how every inch of the world has a story to tell. When you snap a photo of the world, the picture tells a story. Best part of looking at photographs is when you have to figure out the story yourself. And each story, tells me what and how much I really love the world, but I just did not realize it.

The best photographers in the world went through dirt and rain to get the best pictures of the world.


The beautiful hills and trees. Every inch of the forest, every molecule of the clouds made the picture so mesmerizing. It’s almost like a fantasy with the dreamy effect as the birds represents freedom and the clouds makes me feel like it’s a dreamland.


Black and white picture seem boring and dull. But it tells us a hell a lot about a picture. The different shades of black and white makes it nostalgic. Using a camera could create such beauty of the world. Don’t you think we ought to keep our beautiful world? Maintain the nature would put a smile on a billion people.


Look at the wonders of nature around you. Go to the nearest beach and this is what you find – The most beautiful sight composed by the colours of blue, turquoise and brown. I love how amazing the photographers could capture the true beauty of the world. Every time I see these pictures, I have an extra reason to love our world.

The world has such beautiful people with meaningful expressions. The pictures just make you stop and think for a while.



We don’t see insects from close range between 1mm to 5mm, photographers can. With their expensive cameras of course. If they never snapped macro shots of the wonderful structures of insects, nature and anything as the matter of fact, we would as empty as a can.




The most creative photographers in the world squeezed their brains, hanged it upside down, turned it inside out just to snap the most mind blasting pictures.


You would think it’s a little blur but creative. I find it beautiful and dreamy. The blurry effect makes the couple not ‘obscene’ and reminds me so much about love.




The photographer would probably waited for hours to snap this. LOL! But don’t you find it meaningful? You wouldn’t think so if the hamster was in real life, doing it. But in a picture, it captured The Moment. The moments of the world when it makes it turns. Beautiful.




Pictures by the people of the world

Now what do I love about Sloggi?


I love the Sloggi’s new Spring 2010 collection

I have pretty good reasons why too! Firstly, the whole collection is eco-friendly and made from 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane for the elasticity. (Of course you need the Elastane! Or else what’s the point of wearing bra and briefs!) Of course, in your mind, you’re thinking.. Polyester – Kills the Earth slowly! Think again.

The polyester comes from 100% recycled plastic bottles!!

Secondly, I find it really cool because I have never heard of any other brand that makes lingerie from plastic bottles. Secondly, while wearing Sloggi’s Love World lingerie, I’d feel so proud for proving my love for the world. (Not showing off to everyone else of course!) I’d feel really proud that I’m actually doing something to save Earth.

Most people think of brown and green and tissue paper-like material when it comes to eco-friendly, but the Love World collection looks just like the ordinary smooth bras and briefs you wear daily! Just more chic. 😀 I can’t seem to find clear pictures of the collection for you but you could see them @ Sloggi. They come in pink, black for those who’d dislike the eco-friendly colour which is yellow green. Despite how much I dislike yellow and green, I don’t mind buying them in that colour! They actually used the perfect shade of yellow green. Besides the eco-friendly collection, Sloggi still maintained their fashionable and comfortable high quality lingerie.

sloggi copy

Nang it!